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My name is Amy, although that is actually the only part of my pen name that I own. I live in Staffordshire in England although I have recently discovered that my ancestors were Irish and came over to England in the early 1800s! I'm 23 and I have been writing pretty much all of my life (without sounding like a walking cliche!)

In my short but unique life I have done many things. I was even a nurse for a while, which I think gave me a slightly morbid view of life and death! To be fair, I think if you are going to write about something you should at least have some kind of knowledge of these things so I suppose that experience helped me in a strange way!

I'm now studying History and American Studies at University which is a hell of a change as you can imagine! I think writers can learn alot from the past and especially if you are interested in fantasy as I am. History is a good tool for putting together worlds and understanding how worlds work.

I love writing fantasy, or rather, I love making my world, my histories, my religions, my characters! I probably should have become a cartographer! The freedom this genre gives you in writing is much more than any other. Ok so you have to do a HELL of a lot of preparation for each story but no one can ever tell you its wrong! Its liberating sometimes to live somewhere else for a while, even if your characters are being chased by cloaked assilants and have dragons for friends!

My favourite fantasy authors include David Eddings, Katharine Kerr, David Gemmel, Tolkien, J.V Jones, Rob Thurman, and many many more but it is also important to read other stuff. i have found a broad sense of literature helps any one to write so I try to read other genres too. Having spent most of my time wandering around charity shops and markets, I have developed a literature collection that probably would have made my english teacher in school faint!

I review everything I read on here even if its not particularly wonderful and I do my best to give postive advice. There are truly some wonderful writers on this site who maybe get over looked.

My Fanfiction account can be found at http://www.fanfiction.net/~ames449

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I have several but if you wish to talk to me its better to do so on msn as I'm on that more.

AIM/AOL - ames449

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Information on Stories so far!

I Feel Nothing - This came about after talking to my friend. This person had dealt with depression in their family for many years. I wanted to show how depression is a stigma and how it is a real condition that effects every aspect of peoples lives. It is possibly the darkest piece I have ever written but I am proud of it. I think people may read this and feel a little freaked out by it, but I hope, if nothing else, it makes people aware and realise that people with depression arent weird or emotional wrecks, but that sometimes dealing with real life is difficult.

The Naricaii - I had the initial idea for this in 2001. I had just had a gap year between school and university and had tried for the first time to write a fantasy. Although I completed a works called the Darinian, I used it almost as a test piece. The Naricaii was the next fantasy idea I had and I've toyed around with it for a long time. You may think that I just threw that book together but in actual fact I have a lever arch file filled with maps, histories and even lists of Kings reigning from 500-2000! On hiatus for the moment.

Warlord - This was an idea that came to me in 2002 ish. I had been writing my inital histories for the Naricaii and having no idea about history at this point, I went back and read every scrap of information I could get my hands on. I went back as far as the romans but it was when I reached the Anglo-Norman period that I became intrigued. I began spending an unhealthy amount of time researching mercilessly every aspect of William's life, intending to write about his life. However, once I began writing I discovered starting with William was like starting the story half way through as there was alot of background to his story in the Kings of England that came before him.

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