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May 25, 2015

Yes, I am still in the process of a massive manuscript edit for Mortal Heart Volume I in the hopes that I can get it to a place where publication might be possible. Due to this, I haven't been able to work on as much new material as I would like. Rest assured, I will keep updating, it just may take me a while. Old material is subject to removal and replacement, please do not be alarmed by anything missing!
Much thanks for all of your patience.

Hello! I'm Mary (codename: LoveLiesBleeding2), a lover of chocolate, good stories/plots, characters, writing, music, film, design and many other things. I am a library worker, ex-dancer, and a writing-fanatic as well as a proud and crazy Geek Girl.

I started my writing career at, with a series of extremely bad-quality fanfics under this same username (which is still there, just inactive). I abandoned that part of my life, took some time to develop my style and taste for direction, and moved on to original fiction. I'm a disgusting romantic at heart, so the majority of what I do is romance with various other undertones and side-plots.

Please enjoy, and please comment/review if you read, because comments are what keep me posting! Thank you for reading!

PLEASE NOTE: Any reproduction of my stories is prohibited. Nothing may be scanned or distributed in print or electronic form without express permission except for private use; any breach of copyright will be met with the immediate removal of my work from the internet. Please respect this as you would any graphic artist's work.

BEFORE YOU READ: I would like to take a moment to offer something of a disclaimer. If you have issues with heavy/not-so-nice language, possible gore/violence, nudity and/or material of a sexual nature, and what could possibly be considered blasphemy of scripture, please take this opportunity to leave my page because I do use these elements quite frequently and strongly. Everyone has his/her own tastes and opinions, and everyone has a right to these things - including myself. I will NOT tolerate pointless complaints regarding these things. I am not here to be trashed, insensibly flamed, or treated to tasteless offensive remarks about what I choose to write. It is not my priority to offend anyone, and while I will do my best to be informative about anything particularly potentially disturbing/offensive in nature, I do expect my readers to be mature and know their limits. If you don't care for my subjects, content or style, then please be a reasonable and responsible human being and move on to something else. I am not forcing you into anything, it is your choice. Please do not expect me to censor myself, and please be respectful.

Thank you for reading, and kindly remember: I HAVE GIVEN YOU FAIR WARNING!


Believer: Based on a good friend's version of the Alice in Wonderland world, featuring a grown Alice facing her upcoming marriage to a British Earl and thinking back to her missed childhood and the dreamworld she made up, as well as the long-time friend she kept there in her heart. But at the reception before her wedding, whom does she spy but the very same man who had been her childhood friend, a confidant, and her beloved Mad Hatter?


Caveat: Tension crackles between them; the same as it's been for three years, ever since he came as an inexperienced paralegal fresh from jail and a life stained by crime. She can't stand him, so compulsively driven by her righteous love of justice as the youngest Chief judge in almost a decade. Yet for as clear as she makes it, he can't help his natural fascination with that icy, impenetrable shield of hers, and can't help but wonder if he could break those steel-wrought defenses. It started out as a nothing more than a challenge to his ego, and became something more.

ON HIATUS. UPDATED: May 12, 2009. Part 2

Devil's Carnival: No one knows when the Carnival first appeared, where a dancing girl in red shoes beckons unsuspecting folk into its striped tents to vanish with the scents of butter and caramel when the night fades. It is only know that inside its cloth walls can be found sights beyond the wildest of imaginations, that spectres walk amongst the guests and strange beasts perform to entertain and amuse. But to succumb to curiosity is to play a game of chance with something greater even than your life; for it is said that the Devil rules this world of spectacle and wonder, and that he will gladly take your soul in payment for admittance.

ON HIATUS. BEGAN: December 21, 2012. Chapter 1.

Die Leidenschaft: "The Passion," set in Nazi-inhabited Germany during WWII, focused on a woman quickly turning cynical with exposure to the waste of war-torn humanity in her life as a Cabaret-girl and a professional whore. But apparently even she's not too cynical yet to long for what she can't have - the love of her personal patron, a Major-General of Hitler's Waffen SS troops, and a plainly, ridiculously confusing man.

ON HIATUS. BEGAN: April 1, 2009. Part 1 "Mein Herr"

Mortal Heart Volume I - Above: Ordinary in every way but for her own little quirks, Lilith lives her life with an absolute notion of practicality underlined by fear from a difficult childhood. When she's introduced to the very real existence of divinity in the form of her very own guardian angel, she begins to understand that there is much more to life than she ever began to imagine; both wonderful and horrible. And then there's the fact that this angel, honor-bound to protect her from the demons lifting their glaring eyes, claims to be purely, truly, deeply in love with her. She doesn't believe in love...but she hadn't believed in God, either.

REWRITING/EDITING: UPDATED UP TO CHAPTER 3 "Bitter Truths." Anything beyond this point is old content/unedited.

Mortal Heart - Bits and Pieces: Collection of pieces that have no place in the main storyline, from deleted scenes to abandoned plot arcs and character studies. Ratings may vary.

ADDED: January 30, 2013. "The Day We Cursed the Sky"

Questions/concerns, e-mail me at Thanks!

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CURRENTLY REWRITING/EDITING. Lilith was a practical girl - she didn't believe in ghosts or in god, and she most certainly didn't believe in love. So why is her faith in that practicality being shaken by this crazy man claiming to be her guardian angel...and madly in love with her?
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ON HIATUS. No one knows when the Carnival first appeared. It is only known that inside its cloth walls can be found sights beyond the wildest of imaginations. It is said that the Devil rules this world of spectacle and wonder, and that he will gladly take your soul in payment for admittance.
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ON HIATUS. "Let him beware," everything about her screamed; Attila-the-Judge, Queen-Bitch of Chicago Regional Justice Center, Ball-Buster Extraordinaire. She hated him. Still, she fascinated him, and he wouldn't rest until he'd made her crack and shed that icy shell.
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ON HIATUS. It had been the very worst choice she could have made. Yet she'd made it all the same because she simply couldn't help doing so. Whores like her weren't supposed to have love - and she didn't, not really, but how she wished he could love her. Nazi Germany
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