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Hey ppl! I think you're wondering "who the HELL is the new girl?!", ne? Well, I'm not new at all. I've been on for almost 3 years now! (yay!) Some people would probably know me as "nina de majia", but that one didn't work out. So, here I am, back in the habit and causing mischief with the code name Candy.

If you're all wondering "who the HELL is Sweets?!" Most of you Buffy lovers out there would know him as the demon who ALMOST made our favorite Slayer dance till she burned. (Till Spike saved her *swoon*)... Ahem, yea... Well, ANYWAYS, I am his NEW Queen, and I think I make a MUCH better one than Dawn would have (ewww... no me gusta...)!!!

If you would like to know how came to call myself the Lady of the Song, I am VERY soon (or HOPEFULLY soon) posting a story of my "rise to fame", if you will. It will be a Harry Potter w/some refrence to BtVS, I'm still wondering if I should make it a flat out crossover, but I'm just not sure... Oh well! ^ ^v

If you ppl who don't know me wanna know I am into four things. (and for the ppl who "know" me, but forgot cause I haven't been on in such a LONG time!)

Firstly, and MOSTLY, I LOVE Anime. My it be Sailormoon, DBZ, Gundam Wing, or Steel Angel Kurumi, Ranma 1/2, and No and Then, Here and There; I love it ALL. 'Cept for Excel Saga, cause that was just FREAKY!

Then comes our dear, dear Harry Potter. DRACO MALFOY AND SIRIUS BLACK RUUUUULE!!!!! umm... Sorry, I just HAD to get that outta my system. Hermione and Draco RULE together!!! But I STILL am a Herminone/Ron shipper! I don't think she goes good w/Harry. An you wanna know who I think shouldn't go w/ANYONE? Ginny Weasley. And when I say "anyone", I mean main characters (aka, Draco, Harry, any of the main Griff boiz. 'Specially Ron, cause eww, can we say INCEST?!) Go ahead and make UP a guy for her, cause from what I've seen so far, she's a flat character in the book. The only thing she's ever really done was get obsessive 'bout Harry and kill some roosters!!! And also... I've been converted to Snape-ism. Curse my friends and the story "Drop in the Ocean" by echo... Well not really echo-sama cuase she's cool and she's gotta finish her story, but go ahead and curse my friends. ME, liking SEVERUS SNAPE! ... What is this world coming too?

Nextly is BtVS. BUFFY AND SPIKE FOREVER, as long as she not being a bitch. Did EVERYONE see the second eppy? "Can we just rest now?" -SPiKE *sniff* I cried, really! Other favs are Willow/Tara and Xander/Anya. My favorite CHARACTERS are the second generation of Scoobs (aka SPiKE, AnYA, and TArA). They rock, though Oz WAS wicked and Cordy was the best!!! In all my stories, Tara will SO not be of the dead, cause she's just kewl like that!

And lastly, but not leastly, is AtS. ANGEL AND CORDY RUUUUULE!!!!!!! I like bitchy Cordy, but nice Cordy is otay too! I can't wait till next week! Angel better get outta that box, Cordy BETTER come back, and Wesley BETTER not EVER sleep w/Lilah AGAIN!!! (that was a major 'eww' for me) My other fav couples are Gunn/Fred and Wes/Faith. Weird-ness, and probably not ever gonna happen, I KNOW, but hey I can dream can't I? My fav ppl in this are Faith, Cordy, and Gunn.

OK, now, I will say this right here and NEVER again. I own absolutely NOTHING! Except for 3 Sailormoon posters, some SM figurines, a Legolas figurine, 3 DBZ mini-posters, a pic of Spike that my friend Brieanne M. gave me (I LOVE YA GIRL! THANX!!!), and a bunch of CDs. I don't own BtVS, or AtS, or HP, or ANY anime AT ALL!!!!! This is my disclaimer for all my stories, unless I plan on making an original, which I swear to you: I AM NOT!!! I just don't have the inspiration. I might add a few characters of my own every once and a while, but never a story COMPLETELY about them.

Okie dokie, that's just about everything. cya!

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