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Welcome... welcome... enjoy the show..

Thank you for taking your precious time to read my little blurb about me. Sorry to waste your time for I am very uninteresting.. particularly at this point in my life. lol

I am around the lovely age of 20... when I'm supposed to be growing up and out of the crazy teen years... HAH like that's gonna happen for a while. me? grown up? you wish.

I really don't have a whole lot to say this time around.. My last profile blurb was very long... it needed updating badly (3 years old...).

As for the writing scene... I am currently working with Souls-and-Turkey-Cafe on a lovely little piece which will soon be up... once I get my butt in gear and write! What with university life for both of us... it is quite a difficult thing to do. Considering I'm an English major and continually have the evilest papers due. Papers are NOT my forte.

Another piece that I'm currently working on is a lovely Vampire story that I am doing for my Creative Writing: Fiction class. I love it so far!! Hopefully I should finish that soon... I may end up making it a longer story.. but as it is it'll be a longish short story. Maybe something like a Novella? :3

I have just added a little story I wrote for my Creative Writing class that I'm actually fairly happy with. It's a little on the depressing side... but I love it. I started out with just the sound of a clock ticking in my head.. mulled on that for a while. Then during a 2 hour drive home one day I kept getting images in my head for this story and so I had to try to write in my little notebook while driving.. VERY difficult. . . I don't ever suggest doing that. Ever. ANYWAYS. This story was completed while listening to the song "Still Doll" by Kanon Wakashima . . . the music really has the atmosphere I was going for so it worked pretty well! All in all, pretty happy with it :)

My old sad little attempt at writing.. the Renald High one.. well. I doubt I shall be continuing it ever. I'm keeping it around for now, however, just in case I have a little flash of insight or something. Not likely though.

My poetry is scattered throughout the net.. it will never be here... sorry. Maybe if I write something new.

As it is.. I hope to have that one story up soon! And to give you a little teaser.. although it isn't much right now because I don't have any of it on this computer . ...

The story is entitled...


Price of a Kiss

By the way... Steal anything of mine... and you DIE! aka... I take legal action. . or just send an assassin... whichever is easier/cheaper/most effective. The only exception is for RH:SNG. For that... if you want to finish it or something.. just ask first and I'll consider it.

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Removed by author.
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