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Everyone, Im the one that tends to read the other stories then writting on my own. heheh I just completed a 650 mile move from PA to indiana. I am getting used to how ways work here, which is soooo much different from the North East. I still love to read and write, even though I feel that I am not the best. anyway...

My Stories... SWEET! *note- they have not been edited that super well, cause, well I suck at grammar and etc. So if you find anything wrong please point it out for me. THANKS!*

A Ghostly Romance
Brenna ends up moving into an old southern house where the infamous Nathan, who was killed by his best friend. It was in a twisted polt with Mary, his new wife, and John, his friend to get Nathans weath. He died in the attic which is the main setting for this story. The story will be in the 1800's and present day. Brenna mets Nathan while she lives in the attic. Yes, this house is a huge southern home, but Brenna being 19 wanted her "own place". (The attic is set up just like an appartment.) Brenna is thrown into Nathan's past while they both try to fix what was done. Through all of this they fall madly in love. sweet huh!-- OR do they?

Light in the Storm
A rich up and going family, Loonies (past family name, sweet huh!) decide to go on a cruise for school break. Rose, her family, and Kevin ( her brothers, Chris's friend) were on the cruise for only 2 weeks when something happens. Rose, Chris, and Kevin end up on an island.Rose and Kevin have to get along to save themselves, while taking care of the sick/hurt Chris. These teenagers end up being on the island for a good year and a half before the guard find them in the vast ocean. Kevin and Rose come to terms about them liking eacher other, who knows where that will lead them?

Dark, Wet, Fobidding

Samantha just moved into the new town called the Great, in honor of a past holy figure when the town was once a village. The first thing anyone told her was to stay away from the caves, that they are evil. She hears the history of the caves, which just makes her want to visit the caves more. However the caves come to her, when she falls down a hole under her house. She meets Xander, one of the impure, who lives in the caves, known as the Cave people. Original I know haha. There was a bond right when they met. Both Samantha and Xander go through, many experiances that can either bring them closer together or farther apart. I wonder which one it will be??

Im thinking about starting another story, maybe 2. But I think that might just try and finish these ones. It sucks that when my computer crashed I lost about 3/4 chapters. Im trying to retype them*


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