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Ookkaayy...hello to whoever has stumbled into this site, whether by accident or not! Hmm...what can I say about myself?

Serious, shy, quiet...that's probably how I'd describe myself in a few words. I'm a third year high school student with a passion for writing. Give me a pen and a notebook(or even a crummy piece of scrap paper) and I'll write on it. Words pour out of my head like a waterfall...unless I have writer's block. Being a very quiet and introverted person, I prefer to express myself through the written word. My imagination can fly and turn strange at times, therefore I'm slightly unusual, but oh well.

UPDATE: (12/02/07) Okay, I haven't updated this thing in a long time...but here it is. I've just posted Chapter 13 of Who Wants to Date Kaitlin Jameison. To everyone anticipating the "Talk", then here it is. : )

Note: I'm trying to look for pictures of actors/actresses that resemble my characters, although as of now, I don't really have a solid cast yet. Any ideas?

Current Projects

A Risk I'm Willing to Take-- I will update this story soon, but I just need to fine-tune some things. But this story has already been finished.

Promises are Meant to Be Broken--I've kind of lost my inspiration for this one, so I may or may not continue this. We'll see.

Who Wants to Date Kaitlin Jameison-- this is my one story that is alive and well, and you can be sure that I will finish this. I'm already halfway through, and depending on my schedule, then I hope to finish this in a few more months.

Pending Projects

Until I find my inspiration...A Risk and Promises will have to take a backseat, unfortunately. However, after finishing Who Wants to Date, I'm planning on posting another multi-chaptered story (which I already started writing on October in my notebook)...and maybe a few one-shots. If you want to know more, just message me...

Well, that's basically it for now...thanks for stopping by!

"Dream. Be inspired, and believe in yourself and your capabilities. Then put those dreams and inspirations onto paper and see them finally come to life."

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Some Promises are Meant to be Broken reviews
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A Risk I'm Willing to Take reviews
He thinks he can get any girl he wants,including her. She wants to prove him wrong by playing and beating him at his own game. Feelings weren't supposed to be involved,winning was their only goal. Falling in love...wait,that wasn't part of the plan...
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She was a talented,misunderstood musician longing to break free.He was an arrogant,popular boy with a dark secret.They hated each other,but when a lifeshattering event brings them together, they learn that there is more to the other than meets the eye....
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Never cheat on someone like won't like the consequences if you do.
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