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PLEASE NOTE: The first chapter of Lost in Limbo was changed severely (only in the second half). I took down the old story, but you can view the improved version as my story Miasma.

Reviews. Reviews are great. Sometimes you read a story and it's decent, but not outstanding, or you only skim it, or you can't finish it, or it's somewhat bad, and you just don't want to spend time reviewing. This happens to me a lot, but reviews are the best part of this site. I post two chapters that total 4000 words of a story I worked very hard on, and I get no reviews at first, but then I get one that tells me it's great, and that makes it all worth it. Review any story you read, because the writer truly appreciates it. If you review a story of mine, I'll definitely review one of yours. So =D

So I guess I'll give you a brief bio on all my stories now.

Miasma-- Basically, the continent has been threatened by enraged monsters, so The Service was founded. It enlists young boys and trains them with weapons to slay monsters. Koji is one of them, a pretty average one. But then, strange visions of an evil misty manifestation begin to haunt him, and a mysterious man named Nevis with something to hide goes on killing sprees using his terrible power. Sprites, bewitching female apparitions, are riled up and lapse into destructive rages, like the monsters, only worse. And Koji's got to untangle it all. My first story, so it has a special place in my heart, even if it's been rewritten several times. I probably love it the most, even if it isn't the most original.

Children of the Unicorn-- Unicorn Children are people with white hair, silver nails, and a silver triangular marking on their foreheads, blessed before birth by unicorns. Kistelle is one of them, though her gifts have led her to be an outcast. Things change though, from a new friendship and mysterious vision. Kistelle learns her peaceful world of Doppel is not what it appears...I think it's the most original of my stories (the others are rather cliche), though it uses the parallel world aspect.

1000 Word Mysteries-- Basically like those mini mysteries in books. It's only one, and I don't think I'll write more, because this one's answer is sort of complicated and inane, but if you want to give it a try, go ahead.

Tantalized-- Really short writing practice. It was a while ago, so I'm sure I'm better now. Basically a bunch of imagery about a Greek myth. (If you don't know the myth, Tantalus was a guy who the gods were going to visit. He wanted to feed them something great, so he made his precious son into a stew for them. The gods were sickened and enraged, so he wascondemned to eternal punishment: he's famished and parched, chin-deep in clear water and with luscious fruit suspended above him. However, the water and fruit retreat whenever he tries to eat/drink them. This is the origin of the word "tantalize".)

Mary-Sues for the Clueless-- An essay on Mary-Sues that has become very controversial. I want to delete it, but I'm too lazy now. Maybe later. It's bad, though. Don't be mean to me. o_o

Storm of Existence, Eddies of Thoughts-- Another cheesy, last minute title. A girl named Aeffi finds herself in another world called Evalo (ooh...creativity!). She makes a little poofy cat-bird thing and makes friends with people named Ceph and Ulea. She learns it is her "perfect world", a world her mind made perfectly for her and, when she got too bored of Earth, got transported there, even though it's totally real. So, she sets on an RPG-esque adventure she's always dreamed of. Still, she finds she needs to make some changes before the world is perfect. Using her newly-discovered shamanism, she learns about bizarre Evalan stuff like color factories, shark-based religion, mindless (literally) slaves, chimeras, and cannon transportation. It's my only story with first-person perspective. Being my second story, I love it too.

Witch-- A haiku. Just read it. It's like 20 words.

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