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School is almost out. It's strange-finals are coming up, but I'm the least stressed out I've been in at least a month. I think it's because I don't really have any more big things-one project, no more english 200 papers, one optional final english 102 paper, and two comprehensive tests (for astronomy and math 102)

I know this is just rambling, but it feels really nice to know Summer is almost here, and I don't have to worry anymore.

Will be trying to get job and my license this summer. Yay me for having summer goals!

I'm in college now-second semester of freshman year. It's alright. After this year-NO MORE MATH!!!

Hmm. I took down Crimson-I love that story, and I hate it when stories I love that other authors write are taken down with no excuse. I should have put this up before. For that, I apologize. I took it down because I didn't want to risk my ideas being stolen. (Another excuse I hate when others use it)

Anyway, it's the story I think has the most chance of making it any further than the internet-mostly because I actually have some ambition to finish it. (I think I'm up to page 27-and on the second half of the story)


Again, I apologize for taking it down without warning-or an apology earlier on.

Hi! I am an 18 year old girl. Or am I?

I love to read, big on procrastination. Cringe

I entered the Bully story and "Death"-one of my poems-in two different contests for scholarship money. I hope I win! But if not, it was fun to participate, anyway.

I didn't win. I don't know who did. That was a rip. I'm mostly bitter because I didn't win ANY scholarships. And, it's not because I didn't have the grades. I was an honor student, all A's and B's (well, 1 C in sophmore year, I think, in-I can't rememeber what)--while all of the business owner's kids...

Sorry for the ranting. I was just a bit more than pissed

Thursday, June 1, 2006 was my last day of High School. Sunday, June 4, 2006 is the day I graduate. SO EXCITED! But, the fact that I have no more high school hasn't sunk in yet.

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Removed by author.
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