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Twisted Reality

So Twisted Reality is a story I wrote about five years ago and am now rewriting and will be posting a new chapter about once a week. I'm going to be honest and let you guys know that I really suck at summaries because I never want to give too much away. Either way, this story is one that has romance, action and mystery. I love to get feedback and everyone loves to get reviews so please feel free to R&R and I will show the same courtesy to you. I hope you enjoy!

Short Summary: Basically the story is about a girl named Alex who constantly has to move from city to city. Now settled in New York, Alex feels she lives a very boring life and tries to achieve happiness through her two best friends Brian and Megan. However, her boring life is seemingly turned upside down in a heartbeat starting with the reappearance of her brother who she hasn't seen for ten years. This leads to a dangerous road full of love, heartbreak, manipulation, and death all because of a devious man named Matt who will do almost anything to have power as well as Alex in his grasp and once he does, it's up to Jason and Brian to save her.

Side note:I get really excited when I see that I have a new review so I try REALLY hard to return the favor and review if you review for me because I love to give everyone that happy feeling to know that you have a review :)

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