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21 year old me, came and laughed. What a silly 17 year old I used to be.. ehem

Signed me, 11th May 2010


11:33pm, day before my birthday.

what better time to forfill a promise I promised I'd do 20 days ago.. argh! Imagine being 20 days late toa reception, what would the Queen say?!

ok, now to do the dirty deed.
with the power I have given myself and how-dare-he-return, I declare this site returned, reborned, born again, baptised in time (oh for it has been so long?), and yeah, in simple layman-psuedo-peot's terms... unrelinqueished!

I say hello to those I havnt said hello too in some time,the dear deadal and Elizabeth Bilberry, I apologies for my long sudden leave and peotic rehabilitation, and smile to see you two have continued doin the thing you are so good at, I'm sorry I havnt commented in so long, once these blasted assements are over, I shall look forward too! but nonetheless I have been reading your works, do not doubt you've lost a fan.

My "return" (yes, tisso called, because I do not know when I shall fp again.. I might get addicted to it and start a new passion cough addiction for fabricating and recieving comments, haha, shall see)

its all The Random Witness's fault! she somehow got me to trick myself into promising myself and indirectly her, (or her, and indirectly myself) - to start Fp'ing once again in June. (haha, we havnt talked in a while either ami, assements not killing you toomuch I hope.. politics and such)

so, for today, I shall (why do I feel like im blogging.. almost... wow)... ahhhh uploads new song-lyrics

I hope you like it, I started it (verses) early this year, finished it, bout 10 minutes ago. Guitar riff to it was made last year ~ but untill proper equipments are set in place, I'm sorry noone but people in unfortunate friend-radius-circle-groups around me would hear how it goes.. imagine soft acoutics, with builds at end of each line... if that makes sense... anyways. (im very lifehouse influenced, that might give clues to how vocals are done)

ta! hey guys! goodnight! (9 more minutes... ahhh!! I dont want to be an adult, noooooooooo, this might make a good poem.. someone send me to neverland! thinks happy thoughts)

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