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Hi I'm Emma and I'm 18 years old living in good old England. I can't remember how I found this site but I'm glad I did. I've posted a number of things on here at the moment...Well 7 things. 3 stories and 4 poems/Songs. If you like my work and have MSN feel free to add me and we can talk more about stories. Also then I can read yours and discuss things and become good friends. : D


Broken: I got the inspiration to right this from a picture I saw, a mate who cuts and myself who stupidly tried. Now I don't. I also got this from partly how I felt. I just made it up. At the moment I am working towards getting music to it. It's sort of going to be a rock ballad. I have the tune in my head and trying to get it onto my keyboard and guitar. It's about a girl with a broken smile. I think its one of my best songs but can be disturbing and dark and the scary thing is that I thought it.

Afterwards: This was the first poem I ever wrote. I have music to it on the keyboard and working on changing it and things to try and get it better. I wrote it after my grandad died.

Sleepless Nights Of Pain: This is another good poem that I wrote. I don't know how I came up with it but I guess you just do. The second verse is a bit wrong and I will change when I think of something better. It is about a woman losing her lover and the music to this when I get it will be the sad ballad song. I imagine it to be along the lines of Ronan Keating's song "If Tomorrow Never Comes."

Best Friends: This is dedicated to my best friend been as I have known her for over 5 years now but a year ago I had to move away. She was everything to me and I was everything to her and we vboth didn't think we could cope without eachother. I wrote this for her before I left and I have decided to post it here for peoples reviews.

Diary Of A Cutter: Now, I've had a couple of puzzled reviewers so here's a chance to just explain the poem. The random capitalisation is there been as I just wrote it like that and I thought it looked better so I kept it that way and then the poem starts off as a narrator explaining that the song is about the diary of a cutter. After that then it is the person who cuts her self explaining why she does it. Now I would just like to point out that even though I have tried cutting I am not an emo. I think that it is a good topic to write about simply because it affects a lot of people and been as I know how some people that cut feel I took the opportunity to explain it to others. Anyway thanks for the reviews hope this explaination helps.


Running Wild: I have been working on this story for 2 years now changing it over and over. I have stopped at chapter 30 and concentrating on the other stories I have because I'm trying to decide where to take this one. It all started off with a book I read. I sort of copied the story with me in it. And then changed the names and then changed the events and so on. Now you have "Running Wild" ... A totally different story by me. It is about a girl called Jess who was kidnapped at 5 by a sadistic killer, Kane, who killed her mother to torment Logan, the father. After 11 years they find her. But Kane is still out there and after Jess and Logan again.

His Love, Her Love: A mate and I have been roleplaying this story. I have been doing it since the beginning of the summer and decided to post it on here. It's not exactly 100 percent like the roleplay but its the same storyline. The guy I'm doing it with is great and we're still roleplaying now so who knows where this story will go. It's quite detailed and slightly shocking. In it a girl called Emma (Until I can think of a substitute name) gets asked out by a guy called Andy. He loves her even though they've only dated a day. But he doesn't know what happens at home. When he does though will his love be just as strong? Will he be able to look at his girlfriend in the same light as before and with the same love? Read and find out...And Review.

A Whole New World: This is a new story I have made up about a guy and his best friend. He suddenly finds out that his best friend has a sister. A cute and talented one at that. But its not that simple. It never is, is it? Will Callum be able to find out what his best friend's sister is hiding from everyone? Will he be able to get close enough so that she trusts him?

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