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Hey all, thanks for viewing my page.I am a somewhat average teenage boy, well, as normal as I can get, being hyperactive and having a mind that never stops thinking up...odd...ideas.Eh, what does it matter right? What is normal anyways?Is there truly such a thing as normal nowadays?Moving along, I'm currentlyworking on two stories. Here is a small preview.

Something Real-

This story is about a young girl who finds out she's not human. After finding out her true race, she gets sucked into a whirlwind adventure. This story is currently a work in progress, but I have high hopes for it. Also, this story is also co-authored by my sister. We work on it together when we both have the time. Not working on this much, as I'm more concerned with fixing my other story. It was my first that I started and I am going to finish it first too! I hope...

Simply Illogical-

Currently working on - rewrite of this...I don't like where things left off...I've really got to figure out this story, been having problems with it...this time I'll fix it for good though! I swear! It's about a logical girl who basically was destined to become part of a fantasy tale. R&R

Well, thats it for the stories. If you like the sound of them, then read em, and don't forget to tell me what you think and give me suggestions and advice!

Favorite stories - If I have a story up on favorite stories, it means it is a story that I like that I am reading at the time. If your story is up there, just keep at your story. If, when you finish,I like the story overall, or if I read some more of your works and find I like your writing style, I will put you on my favorite authors list.

A Little More about Me:

I do like video games, as my name implies, but mostly only those with an at least decent story line to back them up. I also love fantasy stories, I can never get enough of them. I play World of Warcraft and work, so I don't know how much I'll be on or how often I'll update, but I WILL be doing so from now on at least ONCE every two weeks, depending on how things work out. Also, I will, of course, do my best to find time to read anyone's stories who reviews mine.


Video games, baseball, building (of any kind), walking (alone), reading, writing (of course), and being insane (who doesn't?).


History (very boring), boredome, stories about the real world (The Great Gatsby was one of the worst reads of my life as far as that goes, I live in reality I shouldn't be forced to read about it too), and people who live to make others' lives miserable (e.g. people who pretend to be friends and spread mean rumors, people who think it's funny to pick on people for their differences, etc. etc.) I've been through my number of those people, but I've mostly just seen them at work doing what they do best (or worst, depending on how you look at it), and a few times to my sister. I have a very large amount of loyalty to the people I love I do NOT like seeing them hurt.

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