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"But why is the rum gone?"Captain Jack Sparrow, POTC!

"Oh I am glad I'm not on duty. I wouldn't fancy having to go and tell the Irish they've got to stop celebrating."
- Arthur Weasley (HP)

Dr. Cox: I love this moment so much, I want to have sex with it.-Scrubs

"All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost."
-J.R.R. Tolkien

Kelso:Dr. Cox, did you get my memo stating that residents should wear their lab coats at all times?
Dr.Cox : Yes I did. At first I just threw it away, but then I thought, that's not grand enough a gesture; so I made a model of you out of straw, put my lab coat on it - with your memo in the pocket - and invited the neighborhood kids to set fire to it and beat it with sticks.


"What's up with you?"
"If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you."
"Ron, what?"
"He's from Durmstrang! He's competing against Harry! Against Hogwarts! You — you're — fraternizing with the enemy, that's what you're doing!"
"Don't be so stupid!"
- Hermione and Ron (HP)

Sam: He's defending me. He's my knight in shining armor.
Andrew Largeman: Don't mention knights around Mark, it's a sore subject.
Mark: I'm going to kill that motherfucker.
Andrew Largeman: Pun intended?

- Garden State

Pending Short Stories:

Love Thy Neighbor- As children they were the Three Musketeers- invisible, inseparable. And who’s to blame them for falling in love with each other? Unfortunately there are three of them, leaving a very complicated love triangle. David, the handsome good-guy, has decided to begin a new life to follow God, to become a priest. Unfortunately for Rachel this includes a life of celibacy, simply a life without her in his bed. The third wheel is Steven, who despite his bad-ass ways has fallen madly in love with the erotic, red-head Rachel. With Steven head over heels with Rachel, and Rachel for David and David for, erm, God (more of a love square huh?) there’s bound to be some trouble in paradise.

Also...I am currently working on a short story for the ficathon contest. Oh yes, fun stuff. It should be posted in the next month or so. That is if my computer doesn’t die on me again.

Oh, yes, and before I forget...

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