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May 06, 2010

So great news! Since the New Year I have gotten my writing groove on. I wrote something every day for several weeks and then a snippet here and there and then sadly NOTHING for months. I stumbled upon some fan fiction sites, read a bunch of stories, and then I wrote on my blog about why I WASN'T writing and like magic I started writing again.A LOT! I have been writing almost non stop the last few days, every spare moment devoted to my Nature Linked story.

When I get enough done that connects to the opening I will update it. Exciting news! I bet I lost 90 of my fan base though. Oh well that's life. The problem is that I have a bunch of scenes and a few ideas and I don't know how to work it all in. I don't know how to get the scenes to flow into each other, all the in between things. Maybe I am trying to cram in too many themes, too many plot points etc. But I am happy and that is what counts.

My son is about to turn 1 and a half. He is a handful and a half. But he is a really good, sweet little dude.

January 16th 2010

I am going to leave the previous years profile up so I can keep tabs on where I was.

I'm now nearly 29 and my son is 14 Months old. Did I write at all this past year? nope. Just in my son's journal and a few snippets of ideas.


This past half a year or so I have been very creative. I met someone who ran a craft group that awakened all my bottled up artist ability. Now I do Altered Art and create and trade Artist Trading Cards with people all over the world and my friends. Inchies (those are 1 inch square little mini works of art) also take up some of my time . My crochet skills are increasing and making some toy type items is big on my list of things to do. I have big plans for all that. My favorite thing right now is to keep learning more art forms and techniques.

A few days ago for whatever reason I directed someone to this site, to my stories. Soon after that I was talking to a friend and fellow fictionpress writer of the past and we started talking about getting back in our writing groove, how much we miss it etc.

Today some friends and I made a huge step toward writing again and started our own private blog about it and are trying to form a real life group. I am excited! I am hopeful.

My wish for this year as far as self betterment , well one of them anyway, is to write again. To finish a whole short story, kids book, magazine article etc. And try to get published somewhere.

Yesterday morning I jotted a baby book down while playing with my son. That's a great start.

I'm 28, got married fall of 05. Our little boy was born this past November (08) and he takes up huge amounts of my time. I haven't drawn or writen since he got here. Except I do write to him in a journal. I belly dance and pole dance for fitness and may have a shot at being a pole dance instructor soon. I'm a massage therapist with no career as of yet. Anime is a huge source of entertainment around here.I used to write lots of stories. The past several years every story I started I ended up tossing into an "Unfinished" folder and never looking at it again, until recently anyway. I am hoping that through this site I can find my love for writing again. And it did but life got hectic and now nearly 4 years later I'm wondering if I can conjure up my creative spark yet again. Why not? I hadn't drawn anything in nearly a year and produced a pretty good anime picture for a friend recently. Maybe I'm not all used up.

End of Existence is a dream I had that I wrote out in hopes of someone being able to help me turn it into a story. I have an idea of what to do-we'll see if it gets me anywhere.

The Nature Linked is also based on a dream I had-I have huge plans for it but will not post more than the opening until I have a lot more ready to be posted.

Swear Not By the Moon is a story I wrote 12 or more years ago that I never finished, I have a small idea of something I can do with the characters but otherwise once I get to the end of the original manuscript I will probably open it up to the public to help me write the rest.

Sick Humor is a true dialogue I wrote down that taken out of context sounds absolutely hilarious. See if you can figure out what is going on before the end.

The rest of the stories are for children. My poems are ...well read em and see for yourself.

Hope you enjoy my writing

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