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NAME: Reikou (alias)
AGE: 26
BASIC INFO (about me/my stories): I am a poet and a supernatural/fantasy author. I write things that defy the laws of physics because I like to come up with my own world. I daydream a lot—that's how I come up with most of my stories. I will write nearly anything. Anything but horror. I can't write that; I can barely stand it. I like plot twists and cliffhangers. Don't ask why, I just do, but only if I'm the one writing them. Why yes, I already know I'm a hypocrite. Anyway, I tend to reuse a few terms and last names but that's only cause last names are really hard to come up with and the terms usually have the same meaning and context so why not? I've also begun to have the habit of connecting some of my stories through a common world/setting; I blame CLAMP for that influence. Also, be warned that some of my stories have homosexual characters in them so if that makes you feel uncomfortable, then please don't read them. I am not forcing you to.

Also, you have to know this before you read ANY of my stories: those published BEFORE March 2006 are going to be seriously horrible. Like they've been written by someone who had no idea how the English language worked and didn't care how awful the story sounded. Which was probably true back then. So this is a warning. DON'T READ ANYTHING PUBLISHED BEFORE MARCH 2006. If you want to, then read at your own risk, because I get embarrassed just looking at them.

I have a Tumblr if you're interested; it's endless-bonds. Feel free to message me here or there.

I also have an AO3 account (reikouhikari), and posted a story there that this site doesn't allow, which is "text messaging". So if you want, you can subscribe to me there as well. Maybe I'll move some of my "better" stories over there as well. I don't know yet.

(FRIDAY, July 26, 2019) Why yes, I suddenly feel like writing again.


The Family of Secrets

It was Mother's fault that Father began selling our bodies, but I've gotten used to it by now. However, this boy seems to think I need to be saved, to be loved. What a fool he is. It's alright, though. I enjoy games, and I have a feeling he will amuse me. A lot.
Otomiya Aya was the illegitimate child of the wife of a powerful and rich man. It was due to her mother's affair that her "father" sold her and her brothers as whores to his friends and fellow businessmen, often to gain blackmail or to seal a deal. Aya had already gotten used to this life and even liked it because men were so easy to manipulate when there's sex involved. Her brothers didn't like her playing her games however, not after that Incident, but she couldn't help it; it was too much fun. However, her classmate, Haimiya Ryouta, found out about her Family Situation and seemed to think she should be saved, that she needed to know what it means to be loved. So Aya decided that she shall humor him, and that was how she began dating him. Let the games begin.

The Art of Communicating

In which two strangers connect online, fall in love, and realize that life is weird in a funny way. Sort of.
"Ray" was a double-major-single-minor college student, a part-time diner waitress, an online gaming streamer, and an occasional volunteer at her best friend's bakery. Her younger brother is a lovable jerk, her best friends and her roommate are nosy, and her ex-boyfriend is sort of a bastard. Aria was a single-major college student, part-time barista, and someone who sparked her interest. As the two message each other more and more, Ray slowly begins to see that no, this isn't just a crush, and that life is really weird in that everybody seems to be connected in some way. But that might not be a good thing.


The Guardians of Arren

Four thousand years ago, demons and humans lived side by side in tentative harmony, until the Demon King decided he wanted to rule all of Arren. The Celestials decided to listen to the Arrenians' prayers and They chose six people to be Their Guardians, telling them to stop the demons' plans. Although they managed to seal the Demon King and his followers away into another dimension, there were many who managed to escape and they waited for the opportunity to free their King. Over the years, the demons attempted to open a rift many times, but they always failed. Until ten years ago, when the demons managed to free the Demon King's five generals and then devastated the Yurinian city of Hanshi and the Esslaran city of Melrook. Prayed to for help once again, the Celestials responded by telling the High Priestess that she must find the reincarnated Guardians so they could help the United Arrenian Army defeat the demon army before the Demon King was freed.

Magical Boy Powers Activate!

Despite being completely Japanese, Daisuke Akahara was born with red hair and green eyes, marking him as the main character of an anime. However, he didn't want to be a main character and spent most of his life avoiding anything that might trigger such an event, like refusing to befriend transfer students, not making childhood promises, and even dying his hair black. Although his mother abandoned him and his father at birth, thus earning him his tragic backstory, he still had hope he will survive his high school days as normal as possible. Unfortunately, he forgot one genre of anime to avoid: the magical girl genre. Due to the fact he was a boy, he figured he didn't have to worry about it, and so he chose to rescue an injured rabbit he found on the streets. However, the rabbit was actually a priestess in disguise and she handed Daisuke a magic pendant that allowed him to harness the powers of fire to defeat the evil demons coming after the priestess. Dammit!

Angels of Our Lord

Okay, so not many can say they agreed to being the vessel of an angel, but not many people are Kiku Hiiragi, twenty-one-year-old college student who spent more time playing games and watching TV than doing her homework. Normally the vessel would be dormant when an angel has possessed them, but Kiku found herself conscious and that has both her and Raziel confused. Not that it was going to detour the angel's mission in finding Michael Collins and aiding him in the upcoming Apocalypse. At least her childhood friend, Zachary Lee, a Hunter since fourteen to avenge his parents' death, has decided to come along for the ride.

Matchmaker Yu

Yuzuru had a reputation of being a lady's man. Honestly, it wasn't his fault. He was simply too nice to decline his admirers' confessions so he goes out with them for a few days before finally gaining the courage to break up with them. However, it comes to bite him in the ass when he confesses to a classmate but gets rejected because she doesn't want to become another name on his list of ex-girlfriends. Deciding he needs to get rid of his reputation as a lady killer, he asks for the help of Yuuko, a girl well-known for her love advice blog but seems unapproachable in person due to her wealthy status. Unexpectedly, she agrees to aid him and so begins the adventures of the two as they attempt to woo the girl he likes.

Friend Zone

Everyone was convinced that he and Misaki were dating. After all, they were always together and knew pretty much everything about the other. However, they were just really good childhood friends. And then Misaki confessed that she liked him romantically, but she didn't expect him to return those feelings so there was no need to dwell on it. Only now he can't help but to dwell on it, and is forced to figure out what to do with his feelings as rivals he never knew about come into the picture, threatening to take her away.

The Life of a Girl with the Famous Family

Kotaro and Hideki Tendou were brothers working in the entertainment business; the former was in a boyband and the latter was a model and actor. Fangirls scream when they see them and the media stalks their every move. Their parents were also famous, with a mother who's a fashion model and a father who's a photographer. Yet, no one seems to have realized there is a fifth member in the family. Akari Tendou is a high school student who avoids socializing, looks like a boy, and hates fangirls. She likes her anonymity and goes through great lengths to make sure no one knows who she's related to. But then she loses her phone, and the one who finds it is Keita Takai, her charismatic classmate who wants to test just how far she would go to make sure he doesn't tell everyone her secret.


A red scarf and a bright smile were what stood out in his mind of the girl who had given him that loaf of bread. Xavier did everything he could to find that girl dressed in fine silk and shining jewelry, but his search had been unsuccessful for over ten years. In that time, he had joined an underground organization called Requiem that is dedicated to overthrowing the Emperor. One day, there is a buzz in the air when a group comes back from their mission with a prisoner—a young woman called Shion who is the Fifth Flower of Emperor Rushi's Garden. And the one Xavier has been searching for. When he is put in charge of supervising her, Xavier will find his beliefs shaken and that the future may depend on their bond with each other.


Long ago, a dragon wrecked havoc in the land, until the song of a young girl was able to calm it down to the point of slumber. Since then, a girl would be chosen to sing for the dragon until her death, and then the cycle continued. When he was five years old, Aaron watched as his twin sister Adelaide was taken away to fulfill her new role as the Dragon's Songbird. However, the Lullaby hasn't been working and no one knows why. Now sixteen years old, Aaron swears to find his twin and take her away to live with him in peace. As he tries to find the Dragon's hideout, he is joined by Ellis, a writer who was imprisoned for some of the topics he had been writing; Mia, a general on leave for personal reasons; and Caleb, a mysterious man who changes his story every minute. Their journey will not be easy due to Ellis being a wanted man and Caleb having many enemies who want him dead, but Aaron refuses to give up until he is reunited with Adelaide.

Star Crossed

The Murasaki family and the Yamaguchi family have been enemies ever since that Incident fifty years ago. Everyone knew to stay clear whenever the two were in the same area. Hinageshi Murasaki went to Yamaguchi Academy and made a point to keep out of trouble, wanting nothing to do with the feud. A school festival brought her and playboy Masato Yamaguchi together, creating sparks and perhaps an end to the feud. But this Romeo and Juliet story comes with its own twists and turns, such as a reserved Tybalt named Jun who distrusts all men, a kindhearted Benvolio named Tsubaki who wants Masato to be happy, an easygoing Mercutio named Fuyuki who likes to manipulate others, and a hot-tempered Paris named Noritaka who really wants Hinageshi by his side. Can Masato and Hinageshi get their happily ever after? And what happened fifty years ago that began this in the first place?

Underneath the Underneath

Caroline had an average life, one she could complain about but not give up. It wasn't complicated like her friends', but sometimes she wished for a bit of excitement, something new. Well, she got it, in the form of a man her age with attractive looks, a "charming" personality, and a bit of a mysterious side. Elian was his name, and he was the twin brother of her boyfriend Jael. Caroline didn't understand why he was disowned or why Jael said he had a twisted personality, seeing how he had been nothing but a gentleman to her. But then Elian got angry when she rejected his kiss, and that was when she realized that maybe there was a dark side to him. And that she needed to get away. However, it seemed that Elian was determined to have her, something about ruining Jael's life after everything the latter had done to him. Caroline wants to figure out what happened eight years ago that caused this whole mess, but Jael is surprisingly tight-lipped about it and Elian will only tell her if she broke up with Jael. It seems she'll have to use her wits to solve this, but will she like what she'll find?

The War Phoenix

ZhanFeng's father's gambling problems meant she had to cut corners whenever she could and hide the money she had. She had to work extra hours at her job as a waitress in order to pay the bills and her college tuition. It didn't help that her older brother had cut all ties, her father was also an alcoholic, and her mother was in the hospital permanently due to her weak heart. Then one of her father's debtor came to collect what he owed, and among them was ZhanFeng herself, after her father lied that she was a martial arts master and could be some use to them. However, she knew nothing about fighting except from movies and shows, but no one believes her after seeing her defeat five guys at once due to luck. So she was assigned to be one of the bodyguards of Marlone, leader of one of the largest gangs in the country. With a storm coming, ZhanFeng needs to watch her back as the other gangs want to take Marlone down and most of the time, the bodyguards go down first.


The city of Sanctuary was ruled by five people: the ruthless LiaoFu, the Casanova Samuel, the hot-tempered Ella, the uncaring Marion, and the all-knowing Miu. The balance between them was delicate and everyone knew that one wrong move could ignite a gang war. Even the King knew better than to interfere with the dealings in the large city. One day, there was an assassination attempt on Samuel and accusations flew to the point of a massacre that involved several civilians. Unable to ignore this, the King sent a group of his soldiers to aid the local police in their investigation. Leading them is twenty-six-year-old Adrian, the youngest general ever and a veteran of the Third Great War. A snarky and antisocial man, he hopes to finish this case quickly so he can go back to the capital and not remain in the city of corruption. Working with him is the captain of the local police, Morgan. Thirty-two years old, he has lived in the city all his life and knows most of the inner workings. Unlike Adrian, Morgan doesn't want this case to end because it's one of the more interesting ones that landed on his desk. Sanctuary is an unforgiving city where anything goes and nothing can prepare them for what they may find. Adrian and Morgan have seen many things, but they may discover things they won't want to know.


Drew is a friendly and slightly air-headed college student trying to get a job to pay the bills. Then she gets approached by a man named Paul Spanner who knows of her secret ability to manipulate water. Drew has no idea how, but she certainly doesn't want to join the secret government group Avalon to fight some evil organization called Nemesis. She has school and bills to pay! But when she learns that she'll get rewarded quite well for her services...well, she may rethink that offer. What's even better is that some of her own friends are members so she won't be completely alone. So as she learns new ways to use her power, Drew also has to keep up the guise of a normal college student while protecting the people from the doings of Nemesis. But it might be a bit more complicated than it all appears, as she realizes she may not know her friends as well as she thinks.

The Flowers of the Seasons

In this world, there were cities built near or above a portal to Hell and an organization called the Guardians' Guild was formed to prevent anyone from crossing through. Miyuri Hiwatari admired her older sister Haruka and wanted to be just like her. A Commander of the Guild, Haruka was well-liked and famous, feared by all the demons. But then she disappeared, leaving behind a devastated Guild, a mourning family, and a seat on the Guild's Board of Commanders. Over ten years have passed and Miyuri managed to become a Commander, succeeding after her sister. Although one of the youngest Commanders ever, she is more concerned about finding her sister than the exponential rise in demonic activity. However, the two might be connected and Miyuri is dragged into something even more than she imagined.


Mikoto Suzuhara lived in an orphanage after losing her parents when she was five. All she wished for was her family back. One day, she accidentally crosses path with Touya, the lead vocalist of the well-known boy band PRINCE. Her life then takes a turn when Touya suddenly announces that she would be in their newest MV and be their new "slave". Now the envy of fangirls everywhere and the errand girl for PRINCE, Mikoto finds herself falling for the reckless guitarist, Hojo. However, there's one definite good thing about all the excitement that suddenly flooded into her life: she may have finally found her family with the hyperactive singer Touya, the flirty leader Asahi, the two-faced bassist Ran, and the quick-tempered drummer Eito.

Pinky Swear

When Eri found and picked a bracelet off the sidewalk, she did not expect to hear a voice in her head that told her how relieved it was to finally be able to talk to someone again. She then discovers that the voice belongs to a god that was sealed in the bracelet by a powerful demon king. After making a promise that she will help him find his name so he can be released, Eri finds that her free time is now filled with having to deal with those who want the bracelet for their own purposes. Even if Eri doesn't know how to fight the supernatural, she knows that she should always keep her promises, no matter how annoying the sealed god might be.


San Francisco was home to all sorts of people. Daniel was just one of the more normal ones. Then he was introduced to StarGazer, the most popular virtual reality MMORPG, by his best friend Denny and started playing it with much reluctance. As he becomes friends with various eccentric players, such as the easygoing Shiro, the quiet Tsukiyo, and the blunt Mal, Daniel also befriends someone who's not registered in the game as a player, a NPC, or anything else. Why is Romeo able to bend the rules of the game so much and why did he have to pick him to be his bodyguard against the "bad guys"?

The Colors of Legend

In this part of the country, there is a well-known legend called The Six Demons and the Priest, in which a priest defeated six powerful demons by using various tricks and six children. Kagami Akatsuki is a descendant of that priest, and thinks of the legend as nothing more than an over-exaggerated retelling of something his ancestor had done. However, when he is paired up with Kinha Minami for a field trip, he learns that the legend is indeed true, with just one thing: his ancestor never defeated the demons—he merely sealed them away into six children, cursing their bloodline forever. And Kinha is a descendant of one of them. After nearly getting killed by the demon she's holding, Kagami wants to avoid the other demon holders who may or may not want revenge for what his ancestor did. But there's a group out there called Mugetsu who wishes to kill the demon holders, and Kagami is dragged into it for being Kinha's friend.

The Forseti Gene

There was a family where each member held what was called the Forseti gene, something that gave you supernatural abilities. It was transferable through blood and it was because of that reason that there were those who seek to capture a Forseti, even if the chance of surviving the blood transfer was extremely low. Seventeen-year-old Derek Rain lived alone as his older brother Matthias traveled around to find someone. Then one day, Matthias stopped sending letters after he wrote one that said he was almost at his goal, so Derek set off to find him. All he knew was that his brother was searching for someone with the Forseti gene. So when Derek learned that a woman by the name of Freya Reynolds could help him, he jumped at the chance for a lead. Only problem was that she was a blood-thirsty mercenary and thus completely uninterested in helping him. Undaunted, he decided to just follow her around, knowing she would give in eventually. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

Poker Game

In this world, there is someone out there called a Card who has powers and would be Bound to you for the rest of your life. Their very existence is to wait for the one who can hear their Call so they can leave the world that is Auriga. At Carroll Academy, all new students attend a ritual that will help them unite with their Card. Kai was a sarcastic, anti-social boy who had problems with obeying rules. When he went through the ritual, he didn't expect a polite and friendly Card by the name of Lan to be Bound to him. As similar as night and day, Kai is now stuck having to deal with someone who hates violence and appears to have an affiliation with the insane ruler of Auriga, the Red Queen Beatrice.

A/N: Because everyone started out writing a story that was a self-insert.

1. BOOK ONE: White Rose: The Legend of Sacrifice COMPLETE

2. BOOK TWO: Yellow Rose: A Second Chance ON HIATUS INDEFINITELY

It has been nearly two years since the Legend was completed. Destiny and Diana have not seen Nancy since the aftermath, but the three have (sorta) moved on with their lives as they enter their first year of college. Then Diana gets visions of a new threat and Destiny receives a call from Nancy, asking her if they may meet. As it turns out, Adam and Eddie have been reborn into new bodies. While the three girls search for the reincarnations, Darkness has been revived with a new leader who has managed to summon demons from Makai as allies. So what does all this have to do with the new transfer students? Everything.

4. SIDE BOOK: A Rose's Thorns: Days of Our Lives

Ever wonder what the gang does on their off days? It's probably not what you're expecting. Ranging from humor to serious to heartbreaking, here are the snapshots of random moments in their lives. Now with backstory!

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