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hello again, happy australia day and hottest 100 countdown :) i am finally back home and settled in and have just got up to date with reviews and messages, and two lovely kind wonderful readers tipped me off to another plagiariser at this website: http :// ainnie-ainzblog.blogspot . com/2010/ 11/swish-1.

I had a look and it seems like its gone. But still. Just knowing that its still happening is depressing/scary/annoying enough. I'm therefore going to be taking Swish down. I'm really sorry to all the readers... I wanted to keep it available for you to read whenever you wanted, but I think it's for the best that I pull it down. I also won't be writing an epilogue. I tried a number of times but I think I've realised that I am happy with the ending as it is. I'm sorry for the readers who weren't satisfied... but for me, the ending was exactly as it was meant to be.

I'm sorry it had to end like this... I would have liked to keep writing. I know some of you have mentioned the Plagiarism Haven site, but I think I am going to stop posting things online full stop.

Thank you very very much for all of your support and reviews and suggestions and help :)



hello everyone, good news! the horrible person who plagiarised swish took their story down, so i'm going to forge on with the epilogue. i'm travelling right now so have to keep a look out for internet cafes, but it should be up soon. i might be being really naive by keeping swish up on this site after all the plagiarism thats been going on, but swish was written for fictionpress readers and it shall stay that way as long as possible. thanks for all the support and the suggestions!



alright... i was hoping this wouldn't happen. i finished swish and lots of readers asked for an epilogue and i started writing it, and then a very very awesome reader tipped me off to a story called 'love in the basket' by an author called 'torresno1fan' on a website called wattpad. 'love in the basket' is in-your-face copy-and-paste plagiarism of swish. and it makes me feel sick. i really didnt want to take swish down. i really wanted to keep it up and let people keep reading it and enjoying it. i also wanted to put up my new story. but now im not sure anymore. i've asked 'torresno1fan' to take 'love in the basket' down, and hopefully she/he will. but if not, swish will be coming down. sorry guys, i really wanted to put up an epilogue and start writing a new one... but i guess plagiarism just ruins everything these days.


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He was her rival, on and off the court. He can get any girl he wants, and she doesn’t know how to lose. In a battle of basketball and the heart, Taylor Hampton won’t let James Stirling win. Dallington High School never saw this coming. REMOVED.
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