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Sorry guys, whoever's still waiting for me to write (boy you are faithful). I don't even have access to my files for the stories 'cause my brother refuses to retrieve it from the old comp for me (excuses, excuses, blablabla). So basically, they're all kinda dead. :D If you haven't noticed yet. Hahahaha. Ridiculous. Thursday, Nov 26 '09 6:22AM wth am I doing awake? XD

HAHAHA. God, I'm such a liar. =x

Gail here again (26 June '08 keepin' track XD). -waves-

Interestingly, my writer's block seems to flash in and out over prolonged periods of time. O: Somewhat like having a stroke XD (never know when you're gonna die ;D) Yes, I'm here because I wrote something today. It usually works that way. =x

DnI! Where are youuuu~? Well. =D I'm at this.. completely weird part. This story seems to have grown out of my control @[email protected] I see the end on the far far far far far horizon. just that I have to reach it

And I shall thus proclaim that I will no longer number my chapters as doing so is such a pain in the place where the sun doesn't shine.

Upcoming stories, which I might or might not post.

Killjoy Inc. (Supernatural Romance, as per norm) - Ian's an Immortal Assassin(ooh, I like the sound of that. XD), and Ian's a supposed-victim-who-didn't-die. But someone else did. These are two different Ians' by the way, which I probably haven't mentioned. So what's going to happen when they fall in love and Daddy comes after them with murder in his eyes(literally)? (plot subject to changes. ;D)

Mer-sexy (Mythological(?) Romance) - Desperate situations call for desperate measures. After being dumped by more than enough assholes, Alyx decides to go for more... predictable objects to shower affection on. And guess which lucky person found a singing shell on the beach just in her time of need? -cough- Just kidding. P.s. she doesn't fall in love with the shell. More likely, with who's behind the shell.

My Hero--ine?! (Regency Romance) - Forced to dress up as a guy--Oh my God, the horror!--Lady Victoire undertakes a duty of epic proportions where she struggles to maintain the image of a perfect, non-homosexual, gentleman.

Lost Memory (title subject to much change. too corny for me to stand x_x) (Supernatural Romance) - Vampire-like creatures

Heh. (If you could email me to vote which one you'd want me to do first I'd be delighted, but yea I doubt anyone really reads my profile. XP)

This Author has nothing else to say. Ja mata ne~ x3

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