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I'm 18, female, and heading off to college in the fall. I am a little nervous to be leaving my California haven and my bubble within a bubble within a bubble within a bubble. I like to pretend Bush lovers and homophobes don't exist, but that usually comes back to slapme in the face.I want to be a writer "when I grow up." My first love is angst and drama, though lately I have done some experimentation with more normal stuff. (Which eventually boomeranged back into angst). Let's see, what else...I loveto read,and will read pretty much anything, depending on my mood. For TV, I'm addicted to Desperate Housewives and The L Word, though tragicallyI don't getShowtime and so much watch the latter on DVD and have no idea what happened inseason 2. (But don't tell me, I'm renting it as soon as it comes out). I will be forever sad that Friends ended, and just got into Seinfeld reruns. I watched Charmed all the way through, though was sad when it started sucking a season or two ago. Musically, I'm a lesbian folk junkie. Guess that's all for now I've proabably bored you all to tears by now,and antagonized half of you out of here.Read my stories anyway!

Oh, brownie points to everyone who knows where I got my pen name. Any takers?