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Hello lovely world.

So I am la-vita-bella.

You can learn a little about me underneath all this disclaimer junk, but first a little explanation. I've had this account for aeons, but I've just decided to revamp. I almost made a new account, but then I figured why? I like my old account, I just need to do some spring cleaning. Everything's being excavated. So, if you see a new story and think it looks familiar, it probably is! Anyway, enough on that.

Now about me, which is what you all came to hear!

Except, I'm not that interesting. So on to my work!

My Work

This work is incredibly fluffy, somewhat insightful, very silly, not at all serious (except when it is), and just done for fun. The plots are outlandish (mostly) with circumstances that happen because I say so. So if you have a burning need to point out that never in a million years would this happen, my answer will merely be: It's year 1,000,001.

Also, I am painstakingly slow, so for that, forgive me. I am currently on summer break and will try to be better at updating. Some stories are being re-worked, so you can count on those to be finished. Usually, when I write, I just get an idea in my head, and think "Yeah, I like that!" Then I begin writing. Then I get bored and the idea ends.

Usually my ideas are inspired by single scenes, photographs, images, the view outside my bedroom window, song lyrics, anything that puts a character and setting in my mind. I tend to see things in pictures, and the reason I write is only to convey those pictures along with the feelings to you guys.

I wish I had the patience and willpower to write something great. I think the greatest power imaginable is the power to move people, whether it be through songs, acting, writing, or anything. I write for fun, but I will occasionally throw in meaning, even if it's a single emotion that one character experiences at one time.

My work is mainly masturbatory. (I heard that once, isn't clever? I'm really only writing for my own pleasure). Still, I maintain that everything published should be written with a purpose or a reason. This is the closest I'll come to moving people with words, but, as you'll see below, if I had the talent and perseverance, I'd love to write an epic masterpiece full of love, loss, devotion, drama, adventure, escapades, loyalty, honesty, and a battle between good and evil.

CHYA, like that would happen. So enjoy my fluffy stories.

I guess I'll tell you a little about me.

About La-Vita-Bella

I love history. I love Harry Potter. I wish I could write for real and be like J.K. Rowling. I love to act and I love movies. All movies. Talk to me about them sometime. Disney will always have my heart and Pixar can do no wrong. I hate spiders and have a lot of irrational, weird fears. For some reason I favor names with "K" or "C" (probably the reason my most popularly used name is "Casey") but then I change them so I don't follow a pattern. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I want to make a big impact in some way or another. I have too many interests, and am that person that looks up things constantly on wikipedia just to learn about them. I absolutely love dogs. I love to travel, but have only been out of the country a few times. Mreep, money, why dost thou forsake me? I make weird noises like "mreep" and "buah" and "MREH." Usually just in my head. I enjoy reading, but I'm finding it hard to make the jump to grown-up books. I love fantasy! Grown-up books are boring. I do love classics, though.

Anymore you want to know, just shoot me a line! Message me, I love it! And now, on to the stories.

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