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A little about myself (though why you'd want to read this is beyond me):

I'm an Anime and Manga freak... seriously. It's my addiction (along with my pets and Kinder Surprise.. I'm such a kid..). This is also the reason my fics are on the Manga section.. I imagine all my charas like that, including the sweatdrops ect. To say my writing is infulenced by my obssession would be an understatement..

I'm also a university student! which means I am not just another brainless blonde!.. well most of the time anyway (though blonde none the less). My major was Biology..now it's Studies of East Asia and Linguistics..o.o;;

English is my second language so please excuse any mistakes I might have in my fics (though I am having them beta-ed.. most of the time o.o"). I'm currently taking a class in Advanced Japanese and hopefully in the future I'll add Italian to my list of languages.

And speaking of beta, I am desparetly looking for an editor!!. I do not trust my grammar nor speach (I'm not even mentioning spelling) that much so I need someone who's mother language is English and who will be able to make suggestions so I may improve my writing. If you think you can and want to, please send me an email. I have fics and fanfics waiting for someone who's brave enough...

Just a little note, all my fics are rated M (or NC-17 I think).. just to be on the safe side (what with the sex I somtimes write... ok more than sometimes..).


Finally an update!! Yeah..

Though only a one-shot, Blood Pleasure took me a looooong time to finish editting, about a year . " But I hope this will refresh my mind and put it in writing-mode.. haven't been doing any writing lately, as sad as it makes me feel. I've simply been too lazy . "

Thanks for visiting this page, hope you enjoy my fics and please review so I'll be able to get better at writing .

Yami no Hi (aka Darkie)

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Need title
[ONE SHOT] This fight was just one of many for him, so it must be the rain that distracts him so. Something done for writing workshop.
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Blood Pleasure reviews
OneshotI always thought blood sucking to be painfull, associated with fear. But I never thought it could be...
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See introduction (chapter 1). Please R&R
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