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Ohayo!! ^-^ I'm Minachiko-chan, or also known as Ryomi-chan! I'm a fangirl, I like lots of animes, and I also like J-rock! ^-^ *cough* Gackt rules! *cough* ^o^ Anyway, I like to draw and I like to write, though one thing is that I sometimes lose interest in something and ends up not finishing my work until a while later, so please don't yell at me for it! I will try my best to finish anything I start.

Anyway, some warnings, for all you know what a fangirl is you will know that I like yaoi, but that doesn't mean I don't write non-yaoi storys. Just to warn you, if you are not a yaoi (boy x boy) lover, you can read my non-yaoi storys and ignore my yaoi ones. Just don't flam me, because I warned you, it's your own choice! And for my fanfics! I will do an early disclaimer I don't own any of characters in Fanfics (other than self created ones), but I do own the original stories, but I DO NOT own those are not mine, they belones to what ever company they belongs to, and I'm not making any money off of them it's just for enjoyment, so don't sue me! I don't have any money! :P

Ok, now that is done go on into my world!! *evil high pitched laughter* *cough* er... anyway have fun! Oh and I enjoy e-mails, and comments! so do sent me them please! ^o~V

With love,
Ryomi/Minachiko ^o~V