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Hello out there!!

Welcome to my stories, which can range from off-the-wall, to downright funny, to completely horrifing.

I hope that you enjoy them, as I know I'm an ok writer, but this is the first time I've uploaded any of my real stories.

I'm an 19-year-old student in college, formerly from Virginia. I'd
tell you the county I grew up in, but you'll just ask if I'm making it up, not only
because nobody's ever heard of it, but also because of the

I love most anime and manga, and through them, I was inspired to become a
writer myself. As my first story was losely inspired by the manga 'Angel
Sanctuary,' I feel that I should reassure other fans out there, that there is no incest in my
story. However, there are a pair of gay demons, so watch out for those

I hope you enjoy my story. Every time I
type up something you don't understand, tell me, and I'll put an
explanation in here.

First off, names, in order of appearance.

Nayami = Anguish. I figured this one works well.

Kibou = Hope.

Kokai = Regret. You learn why in a few chapters.

Elizabeth = Child of God. Ironic, ne?

Susan = There's no real symbolism meant here.

Christie = Same as Susan.

Hikaru = Glow, flash of light. She's the one who always looks on the bright side of life.

Foudre = Lightning.

Viennto = Gale.

Muji = Short for Mujitsu. Innocent. He's the closest thing to an innocent Demon, as you'll see later.

Barium = A metal.

Kaen = Blaze.

My next story is 'The Samurai's Daughter,' a tale of love and adventure through the Sengoku Jidai. For any Inyasha fans, my story is based 50 years after the events of Inuyasha. THIS IS NOT AN INUYASHA FIC!

As for any poems I may upload, they will all be done in the heat, or pain, of the moment.

Have fun!

Guess what! I finished Rising Magic and posted it for cheap on Amazon. I will eventually post most of it here, but I want to be a serious writer. I would appreciate it if you bought a copy.

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