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080706: yay the first rewrite chapter is UP! Thanks to for latin translator.

220506: This is an apology to all readers of my work. I screwed up. Big Time. If any of you have read the Rivan Codex by David Eddings and actually read the afterword, yeah, thats what happenned. I lost focus, lost direction, and essentially lost the plot of the storyline. Right now, i have demolished the tofu of the world I had, and am now hammering out details to keep me on track. For instance, i think gave Kahlen Phyrallis Miera waaaaaay too early. And my schools of magecraft were frankly, screwed. anyways, stay tune for what is *i hope* a better update.

020206: Apologies to all my readers (esp ruathaweyrling), but i can't upload the freaking updates for awhile. My net connection to say...!@#$ up. I'm doing this from a 5-min internet terminal. Sorry! P.S. ruatha glad u think treloris is nice. I've got quite a lot in store for her. just wait and see...

Hello to everyone who sees this.

My name is Mark, and I'm a 17-going-18 year old who lives in this tiinnnyyy island nation at the southern tip of Continental Asia called Singapore. Heres a bit about me...

Likes: Chocolate, swimming and sleeping (like everyone else)

Can't Stand: Seafood (except prawn tempura...mmmmmm), nagging by parents, and japanese-anime etc kind of fics. Anime should be kept to comics and shows and away from FP.

I shall try to update as much as possible, but sometimes updates may be few and far between. Never fear, though, if you like them, they WILL continue!

I can't update for awhile (exams are coming). sorry for any delays.

Current fics:

Ascendants: Supernatural forces clash in a war that has been fought since the beginning of time: the war for man's souls. Temporarily on a hiatus as I attempt to get this really soggy scene correct, which it stubbornly refuses to be. Irritating. Maybe i should just skip it.

Tabularium Anathon

Equester ab Draco (Knights of the Dragon): Basically, Dragon's Hope rewritten.

Dragons' hope: -cancelled-.

Silferia: Another story of Anathon, of the way the Guardians of Silver Flame began. Has yet to be published.

Magic's Bane: A tale of Anathon, from the magicless nation of Shard.

Silver Fire: The main story, set in the world of Anathon. Yet to be published and plot is still sketchy.

Hope of Dawn: The sequel to Silver Fire. Plot sketchy and barely formed.

Hell Found Me: a story i wrote for this dratted contest that i discovered i couldnt enter. Darn. Quite good, according to some people. :D

The Great Game: It has been said that throughout all the worlds, all the planes, there exists a common game: Chess. Yet, what happens when on one it is played with real people as the pieces? Only in my head atm, but i think i'll work on it soon...

The Spanner in the Works: A Sci-fi cum fantasy story where magic does exist side by side with futuristic technology. A society, however, that dates back to the Old Era. Unknown to most of the world, a mysterious group called the Controllers oversee a specialised breeding program, where mates are forced to be taken regardless of feeling, breeding in mage-ability, intelligence, physical prowess and a host of other factors to create the ultimate human. Two of the 'participants', MSMA43774 and FIA577823, fall in love, but are directed to take someone else as mates. This is their story. Not started yet.

I IMPLORE you: if you read any of my fics and like/hate it, please drop a comment or two! good ones are encouraging, bad ones are constructive! thanks!

P.s: ROTFOM = read on to find out more

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A story I wrote for a contest that I discovered I could not enter.
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