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Name: Rebecca


Sorry there are no summaries for my stories. I absolutely suck at those. I have no idea how to write summaries without giving away the plot!

My friend and I have created a writing forum where all kinds of writing are welcome! Don't you hate how it seems like your story has less reviews/views than others do? We're just trying to make our forum someplace where everyone's works will get an equal chance to be read. So if you want to join, please do. You'll all definitely be welcome.


Story Stats:

Hidden Identities
Status: Chapter19 uploaded.
-Currently on hiatus. I'm planning to do a lot of editing on the chapters that are already posted and as for the rest of the story, I'm planning on finishing it first before I post it (though I'm hoping to finish it before summer's over). Sorry! But I think things would work better that way.
-Another note: I will continue to update the story even if no one reviews so don't be afraid that I'll stop because I get no reviews. Yes, reviews matter, but I like writing the story too much to abandon it merely because I receive no feedback. Sometimes I may take longer to update due to school or whatever, but I will continue to write it. And to those who do read it, thanks!

Daughter of Illusion
Status: Chapter3 uploaded!
-I have to rethink this one over so it may be awhile until I continue this.

S i l e n t E n i g m a
Status: Hiatus (possible deletion?)
-I think I'm screwing this story. I know where it's going but I don't like how I'm writing it. If anything, if this story is to come back, I'll be starting at the beginning and rewriting it.

When Two Powers Collide
Status: Hiatus. Might delete. Don't know if I might pick it up later again.

The Greatest Risk
Status: Finished.
-Entire story revision one: Complete
-Important Author's Note added! Please read and comment!
-Entire story revision two: In-progress

First Impressions
Status: Discontinued.I won't be continuing this story anymore. I just don't really like the plot. Sorry!

And obviously, my one-shots seem to be overflowing. Yikes. Oh well.

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What if you woke up one day and discovered that everything you thought to be true, was a lie? What is the real truth?
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Ever since her mother's death, Adria has shut herself away. Her usual hostility pushes almost everyone away from her. Then David decides to reach out to her in a way that might severely cost him something important.
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Whenever he said anything to her, she never spoke a word. And no one knows why.
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When it comes to themselves, how can anyone distinguish between reality and illusion?
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I suck horribly at summaries. You'll have to read to find out then. Rating may be lowered later.
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