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7/15/09- My first and last profile update.

I've become paranoid after seein all 43 chapters I've written get viewed in the span of 5-10 minutes by an unknown individual. There's no way he/she read 196,000 words in that ridiculously short amount of time. I can only think of one thing he/she did with the chapters he/she clicked on...

Today, I goggled and just now found out about the huge plagiarism plague goin on around this site... I guess it's time I leave now too since I'm serious about my story and planned to finish this whole saga this month or the next. I'm not sayin my writin is so damn good, people just have to steal it, but I've been riskin a lot here, postin it for so long. Even though I'm only assumin someone's takin the story and have no solid proof, from all my experiences in life, when my instincts was constantly tellin me somethin was wrong, or someone was lyin and I never bothered to listen, I got screwed in the end, each time playin the fool.

So, this is my goodbye. I was eventually gon take the story down, anyway. I would like to give special thanks to Serom Kim for bein there since the very beginnin, timayyyyyyyyyyyyyy (prolly missed a few 'y's' lol), Kuroa for the in depth reviews, Zeno21 for also takin time out of his days to read chapter after chapter, Natalie for, well, givin me the Natalie character, and to all the closet readers who never, for whatever reason, made themselves known.

That's a wrap.

Thank you again for givin me the motivation and strength to push forward with the story and never let it die, even when I was at my worst. I will continue writin the remainin chapters offline and try my goddamn hardest to bring it to the hands of a publisher!

One more thing, if you see my story or something eerily similar with slightly changed names, attacks, towns and villains, please inform me.

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