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Name: Nina

Age/Birthday: 17-April 26.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes: Golden Brown

Height: Five foot three (?)

Location: The Cigar Company in Cuba

Sex: hehe I is a girl!

About Me:

I love to read and write, they have gotten me through many hard times in my life. While I absolutely love to let my imagination run wild in my little short stories, I have to say that my biggest passion is in film directing. Nothing can compare to the feeling I get when I get behind the camera and start to work the actors and makeup artists and etc., I even love directing for the stage. My fall back if I dont make it in show bizz, I want to be a drama/english teacher. Teaching is something that I really enjoy and I could still do writting on the side of that.

Music is... amazing. It doesnt matter whats going on, if Im sad, or depressed or mad or... anything-I can flip on some music and everything is better.

I love to make people laugh, I cant stand it when somoene is sad-I have annoyed many people by trying to help. They usually come to thank me later on.

My biggest inspiration as a writter, is just my life. Something will happen or I'll see someone who looks interesting and my mind will just go nuts with ideas. There have been times where Ive stopped someone and asked them questions about their outfit or hair or something. I walk around with sticky notes in my purse just so that if I get hit with an idea I can jot it down.

Well... thats pretty much me in a nutshell please read and review my stories, I enjoy hearing from a reader even if they didnt like what they read. I really like constructive critics. If you say something nice, please say something a little less so. :)


July 1, 2010- Wow... I havent been on here in a long time. Luckily though I havent stopped writting! I plan on writting a lot through this summer since I really have nothing else to do. Hope you enjoy!

May 13, 2007- Happy Mother's day everyone! I hope you guys have fun hanging out with your parents and/or siblings. I just figured I would let everyone know that I am starting to map out another story called 'Stand In the Rain' yes I stole the title from the Agent Barlow rewrite. However, I am only mapping it out at the moment, so it should not be posted for a little while.

March 31, 2007- It has been brought to my attention that the names in 'Pet' don't really fit his day and age, and after reading back over it, I totally agree. So, I went back and I edited the names. The bad guys name is still the same, I'll explian about that in the story.

March 28, 2007- You know what? Screw that, I'm going to post another story right now called 'The Dark Knight' Okay, I know what you're thinking. What about what you said yesterday?
Well, let's just say, I'm really strange. I am the craziest person that you can ever meet. So please don't hate. Gosh I need to stop with the rambling!?

March 27, 2007- I have the next couple chapters for 'Pet' done, but I am waiting to hear back from WyrdWolf if I don't hear back from him in the next week, I'm just going to post the next chapter. In other news.
Check out the link below under 'Coming Soon' I have this really good idea for a story, but I don't want to put more then one story up at a time. I did that on fanfiction, and before I knew it, I was so overwhelmed, I wound up having to put some on hold and working on two at a time. ;(
No worries though, I will post more stories after I finish, or am very close to finishing, Pet.

March 26, 2007- W00T W00T! Exactly thirty one days until my Birthday. I can't wait! Now, back to the reason for my update. I was sitting down, about to rewrite Agent Barlow, when I realized something. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THAT STORY! It was lame, and horribly written. Now it was my first story, but I think I'm not going to rewrite it. I might go back and do a oneshot about that character, but that story is pretty much dead to me. I did have a few people review to it, and I thank those who did, you encouraged me to continue writting, and I hope you'll enjoy my other stories. Well, I have to go work on Pet, PM me any time if you guys wanna talk, I'm always open :)








Cover Art

Pet Teaser


Current Stories:

The Dark Knight- Chapter two is up, Chapter three is in the works at the moment.

Pet- Chapter nine is up, Chapter tenn is currently in the works. But due to my absence, it has been delyaed a week or two. No worries though, It will be up ASAP.

Coming Soon:

Mourning December-Due to be posted in the next couple days.

Better than Fiction- Ever since he was little, Micheal has enjoyed writting. When he runs into the main character in his novel, his life quickly begins to spiral out of control.

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