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Like my name is Emily, and i hate it when people judge you by the way you look and not for you. My close friends call me Emme and they get hit upside the head for it, he he he for thier punishment for calling me by my nickname-- i hate it-, and only my best friends for life call my sky for i like to look at the sky outside when i'm bord, and because my last name ends in those three letters. And my cousins call me Em's, for which they git a glar for, oh ya one of my oldest friends like since i was five calls me Ema and i gave up trying to get him to call me Emily or even Emme after 2 years. so i go by lots of names. ehh it's hard to tell when people are talking to you or not, it's confusing.

My Altumite favorite band is TLC. My other favorite bands are Click5, DistinyS Child, Blink-182-, Pink, BackStreetBoys, Hanson, Cristina Agulara, Eminem, 50 cent, Missy Eliote, and thats all of them that i can think of.

I'm a Pittsburg Stealers Fan. I like all kinds of sports but i don't know all the rules to every single sport. The only sports that i know all of the rules to are Hockey, Vollyball, and Tennis.

I don't like to be girlly girl but i'm willling to for my friends when the "I HATE ALL GUYS, THEY CAN GO TO HELL" phase comes cough-- when they get dumped or find out they've been cheated on.--Cough

I like to read, and come up with stores in my head but i don't really write them down because it gets to complcated and i just let my mind wonder to a new idea and so on.

I live in Rockville Maryland and for most of my life. I was born in Fredrick Maryland, but soon after we moved to Pittsburg Pennysivannia and lived there tillI was five. And Iwant to move back to Pennysivannia but can't inless my mom says it's ok because i'm not 18 yet and for a few or more like five years to come. But ya i hate it here in my house and in this over populated town that is going to be over run by stupid slezzy motels and what not town. Ya and my family is like geting mereally angry becausethey aren't telling me a god damn thing that affects my life more than theirs in the long run. so ya i wanna move from them till they get the idea that their is other people here that are more important than wining a stupid arguement.

I'm a "Beach Bum" soI like the beach and the water and the Cute Guys playing Vollyball with Rock hard abbs- back too the topic i don't think I should be called a beach bum. I mean I'm the Brownhaired, chocolate eyed girl. Not the classic bule eyed blond.

i'm planing on writing a few of my own stories soon--cough --all-- cough -- Romance -- Cough.

I will hunt you down and make your life miserable if I find out if anybody's stole my titles when I put out any of my stories. got it. plus that is a reason why i didn't put any out yet too.

I might move to Washington P.A. to my grand parents farm so I don't know if i'm gonna change my acount or what not. So exspect changes.

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