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Hi. My real name is Elizabeth. My favoret colors are red and black (no i am not a goth i just think that the colors express depth and emotion) I love to read mostly fantasy and supernatural though. I am currently going to high school and thats, well it!


My favoret poem: Sweet Sorrows by Wayne Heath and Black Death Music

Sorrow churning up inside
Deep within it does reside
Pushing you towards homicide

Retribution I do command
Into you it does expand
This thing you can't withstand

So scream if you can
Slow to understand
I've been there and I always have

Dreading your fears
To you they do adhere
And becoming a prison cell
Your neverending living hell

Sweet is my embrace
Propelling you towards disgrace
Constricting your breathing space

Punishment I demand
Gaining the upper hand
Destroying this your wonderland

So scream if you can
Slow to understand
I've been there and I always have

Dreading your fears
To you they do adhere
And becoming a prison cell
Your neverending living hell

Hell to you I bestow
You're beginning to overflow
With this my final death blow

Moving slowly master hand
Hour glass out of sand
Welcome to No Man's Land

So scream if you can
Slow to understand
I've been there and I always have

Dreading your fears
To you they do adhere
And becoming a prison cell
Your neverending living hell

Again I am not a goth I just enjoy things that show depth.


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