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My name is Amanda and things often go strangely for me.

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Name: I distinctly remember covering this already.

Age: 18

Height: 5 foot something

Life Goal: To die in a freak cookie-baking accident at the age of 22 and be
transported to a parallel universe where I can fly and slay monsters
for the rest of eternity.

Realistic Life Goal: To write until my hands fall off.

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Thank you for taking an interest in my humble writing aspirations. Send me an email and I'll return the favor!

Trinket Summary: In a many-dimensional universe, on the planet Yosei
Shinsekai, three bored and less-than-angelic sisters with a mysterious history
are assigned to the undesirable task of tracking down the kidnapped Anthony
Vromin, the son of a government official, a child prodigy and a general pain in
the lower regions. But the errand does
have its upsides – for instance, it allows the girls to temporarily escape
their six-month probation and to fraternize with demon bandits, bounty hunters,
and evil henchmen. And as with all such
unassuming misadventures, there is the chance that a powerful destiny will be exposed
in the sisters and their companions, the kind of destiny that no one expected
of them…if, that is, they manage to make it through their rescue mission intact
and reasonably sane.

A/N: Rated T for future chapters, and even then, just to be safe.

Fate's Shadow Summary: When a witch from another world materializes
mysteriously outside of the city of Dymshire, a local medicine man is convinced
she has shown up for a very good reason - to recover an ancient mythical object,
an artifact so famous that legends of its power transcend multiple universes.
Unfortunately for him, very few others believe the object even exists. But
things start to get interesting when the government takes the same view on the
situation as the medicine man, and puts together a team of warriors, healers,
and of all things, pests to help the otherworldly witch complete her
quest. Although, it might have been nice if someone had asked for her
opinion on all of this.

Disclaimer: Three characters from this story - Narissa Nightshade, Knils
Nightshade, and Dreeman Fye - were blatantly STOLEN WITHOUT PERMISSION from a few
absolutely spiffing people I met on an RPG once. I have used their names
and certain aspects of their personalities in this story. Sorry about that.

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