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Hi there!!

Welcome to my poems!! Here's a lil bit of useless info about me...

gender: female.

Age: 20

number of times I've changed my fictionpress name: I lost count after a few thousand...

favorite bands: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Queen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, CCR, CSN, The Moody Blues,The Monkees, The Kinks, Lynyrd Skynyrd, JET, Green Day, The Who, Neil Young, James Taylor, The Eagles, Jackson Brown, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne...the list goes on forever.

Person I currently want to torture: Netflix. (I love that it was Netflix two years ago, and it's still Netflix now). Why you cost so much?!

Favorite tv shows: 'Doctor Who' (I insist I'm married to David Tennant, but no one believes me), 'Big Bang Theory', 'Torchwood', and 'Glee'.


Hey everyone. How are ya? Hope your December is going well. Just thought I'd update again, trying to do this every month so I seem alive. Um, let's see... Well, to start off on this update, I'm finally glad to say that the girl that quite a few of my poems are written about and I are friends again! Took us 5-6 months, but we're finally speaking pretty much daily online again. Very happy . So, who knows the fate of some of those poems. I might keep them, might not, dunno yet. One of these days I'll catch up and post something fresh and exciting! lol I'm kinda having some family troubles--an aunt that's being a bitch to everyone, a great uncle that's in the hospital, a grandma with pretty bad Alzheimers...So that's been holding me back from a few things. Thanks if you're still reviewing, you have NO idea how great it feels to have wonderful reviews like you! You guys are the best.

Well, I'll get back later. Toodles for now.

ps, you ever get a chance, feel free to check out some of my friend, Burning Black's, stuff. And, if you are into Harry Potter Fan Fiction, check out Joan Marie Mesi, on fiction press and fan Her fiction press account has some really good poems on there as well, so be sure to read those if you want. They're both good friends of mine, and they both have mad writing skills!! lol


UPDATE October 12th, 2011:

Hai thur!
I'm just popping in (for the first time in almost two years, apparently) to update the About Me info above (I am not longer 17, unfortunately) and to pick out a poem from here to rewrite for a school assignment in the coming weeks. I may post this rewrite, if anyone wants to see it. I think I may have lost a few subscribers since my last login... but I hope the rest of you still enjoy my company. I hope to post some more poetry soon, as I may be required to write some next term for a Poetry class.
... Sitting here, I'm quite amused by the above update, from 2006. I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL (or Freshman year of high school, not sure). -roflwaffles- Though, the update for that update is not very funny at all, really. Both my grandma and my great uncle have since passed, both in the same year, but fortunately we are all in good health now for the most part.
Well, I am now off again. College calls. Take care, followers.


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