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Konnichi wa!!

Name: Netnutty23

Hobbies: I am really into writing Fanfiction. But my original work is way better than any fanfic I've ever made. Drawing is another hobby of mine, cartoons, anime (Fav is InuYasha), backgrounds,animals, you name it and I can draw it. I am a book worm. Now I know most people wouldn't say that about themselves but it's the truth.

Name on Fanfiction: AveoStar

Apperance: About 5'9- 6'0, my hair color is a dark brown,light brown mix w/ silver streaks. My eyes are brown like most people's are. I am female, and proud to be female too!

Interests/Inspirations: I'm into the things around me. The world inspires me to do different things, most of my drawings and stories come from what I think about the world. One of my all time favorite places in the world that inspire me is Japan. Me being half Japanese I've all ways loved my culture,and customs, but ever since my family moved to America my interests have deepened and expanded.

Stories: Well my stories usually revolve around places in time. Like the Medieval times in Europe, and the Fedual era in Japan. But I also write modern day stories too, fantasy is what I go for in stories. Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Romance, and Drama.

Favorite movies:


Take the lead

Step up

The Covenent

Save the last dance

The sleepover

Mean girls


Harry Potter movies

Princess Mononoke

Whisper of the heart

Spirited Away

Howl's moving castle

Bring it on

Corpse Bride

Edward scissor hands

Pirates of the Caribbean

Memoirs of a Geisha

Drum Line

Favorite books:

Faking 19

Laguna Cove

Art geeks & Prom queens




The It girl


Annie's baby

Life is funny

Chicken noodle soup for the teenaged soul-volume Love & Friendship

Summer Boys

No body's Perfect


New Moon

The Tenth Kingdom

You Look Young To Be A Mom

Confessions Of A Teenaged Drama Queen

Mrs. Frisby & the rats of NIMH

Ella Enchanted

Where The Red Fern Grows

Completed comics/manga:



Steady Beat

Genbu Kaiden

Kare Kano


Skip Beat

Princess Ai

Alice 19th

Hana Kimi

Girl Got Game

Peach Girl




Well when I get finished with the first book of Foreigners I will be starting the second one and also starting a new story.

Okay so my story Foreigners is on hold right now...I actually have to find a way to transfer it to my computer from my friends. (I was typing it over her house) but she currently not there so it won't be up for a while. Sorry!!

Yay! I'm back and with an all new story! I justed posted Feast of the Hunter's Moon a story about dire wolves and they're rein before man...can't say much more otherwise I might give away the story!

Well that's all for now bye!

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