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~~Hello all~~

~ For those of you who are interested, my name is Krysi. Currently I'm 18 years old and hating it. The only things that are keeping me somewhat sane are; my beloved boyfriend whom I love with all my heart, my cherished best friend Rachel whom I would be lost without, and the intriguing thought that in a very short amount of time I'll be able to change my stars.

Writing has always been a large part of my life. It's usually how I express myself. I've got so many quotes and movie lines stored away for later dates that it's surpising to me just how often I think of something that relates to the day's events. When I get an idea for something to write about I usually go crazy if I don't have anything to write it down on. I'll use sticky notes, index cards, scraps of paper.. The back of my hand, anything that is sure to help me remember at a later date.

I've had two poems published before and I'm quite happy about that, I'm also looking to have another one published. However, I usually tend to doubt my poems and my abilities. I get lost in poetry and stories,and I often times forget what I was supposed to be doing that day. The hours seem to slip by without me even noticing, but I suppose that's part of the magic and splendor that is the written word.

I tend to be very opinionated and I have a stubborn streak, however unless I know you, you'll probably never hear me voice my opinions the way I would in known company. I appreciate comments of praise and constructive criticism, but I do believe there is a difference between constructive criticism and flaming. Flaming is something I do not appreciate and would rather not find. I try to return the favor when somone comments on my work, however if it is something of a 'flame' nature, I will refuse to say anything about something you've written.

I hope that you enjoy what I do put on this site, though it is nowhere close to the selection of poems I have on my computer, I will try to put some more up eventually. ~

For those of you interested in astrology;

My birthday is March 20, which makes me a Pisces..
Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the fish. You are a dreamer and although you live in your own world you are also totally tuned in to your environment and those around you. You are romantic and sensitive with a very powerful imagination. You have a strong need to help others and although this means you are sometimes taken advantage of, you are really a very strong-willed individual. Your emotions are very important to you and you are not interested in the material side of life at all. Although you are sociable and make friends easily, you also need plenty of peaceful time on your own and you sometimes lie to yourself rather than face the harsh realities of the real world. When things get tough you will disappear into your own fantasy world. Pisces is associated with the feet and you may have problems in this area. With a Pisces Sun you are extremely adaptable and will go from one extreme to the other. But you are also very quick to learn and able to grasp complicated situations quickly. You have a great ability to transform ideas into something others can easily understand and appreciate. Because you are always forgiving and adjust to what others need, you do best with a strong partner who is supportive and understanding. But you are difficult to understand even for yourself because of your changing moods and chameleon-like character. If you are ambitious your low levels of concentration and lack of organisational ability may let you down in some professions but this does not mean you are unable to be financially successful.
Words used to describe Pisces
Introverted, reclusive, psychic, imaginative, sympathetic, dreamer, artistic, compassionate and sensitive.
Because you have a strong imagination and are able to hide your own personality behind that of a fictional character, you make a natural actor. This talent also lends towards success as a poet, artist or dancer. Because you care about others you are also suited to caring and medical professions and being aware of the suffering of others makes you a good counsellor or religious worker. You often have more than one job at once and need variety with flexibility as you have a problem with strict time keeping or routine.
You are very attractive to others and have no problems finding partners, although these are more often than not the wrong ones. You are easily led astray by others and need someone who is strong, protective and who understands your easily hurt emotional character.

Notice: Jaded has been put on hold until further notice. I'm sorry to do this, but as I said in the little overview, it may not get finished. I started writing this story after something that happened in my life over the summer and I don't like to keep thinking about it. If I can find a way to end this story soon, I may finish it, however I make no guarantees. Again, I'm sorry. I hope you understand..

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