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About Me

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Atheist and not spiritual. I believe in… nothing. I have no interest in any of
that. I am human, and I concentrate on what people define as reality… whatever
that is. I have my own view of things, but I respect all. I’m not
anti-religious… You suppose I should be, but I’m not. The only thing I don’t
like is when you knock at my door and try to convince me you know everything. I
also don’t like it when you blame the divine for any of your actions. You like
religion and spirituality, that’s fine. Whatever floats your boat.

Residence: I live in Montreal.

I’m Canadian… and French-Canadian.

Occupation: Student. I’m in my second year of university… in mechanical engineering.

Interests: So few and so many at the same time. I live in the moment. Things are constantly
changing. I’ve just picked up writing this summer. Before that, I never wrote
anything. I also don’t read. I never liked reading. It’s hard for me to find
books I like so I don’t bother. I think that’s why my writing isn’t so good. I
just don’t have any basis of comparison or anything. All of what I do is very
unique though. I have a style that requires… a particular taste. I’d have to
say it isn’t a popular one either. If I did though, I would surely publish

I have nothing to really look forward to except one thing: getting a
girlfriend. Everything I need is there. The rest is secondary. I have a
passion for rally racing, but I haven’t done anything about it yet… because I







-Ultra respectful

-Peaceful and loving caring... all that stuff

-Never angry or violent

-Compassionate, like you wouldn’t believe…



-Never jealous



-Anti-social (I can change)



-Bad memory

-I seem to block out all the bad to the point of making people uncomfortable… like I’m a machine on the
outside… like I don’t care no matter what happens. It really depends, but,
sometimes, I’m a real zombie. I’m just trying to protect myself though too much
is too much.

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Analyse d'un rêve
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After reading so many poems obout humanity... Here's my chaotic, and contrasted, perspective of something that can't be explained in words
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