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The Tsubasa-hime website has been taken down, and I am currently working on a more general website, to be announced when completed.

Hello, I am obviously Renica the Blue. You can just call me Renica, if you feel like it. I personally don't care. Insert nonchalant shrug here.

Pertinent informartion:

Name: Madelyn. You aren't getting my last name. I'm not stupid.

Age: One year older than my younger brother, two years younger than my older brother, and five years younger than my eldest brother. What, you thought I'd give you a number? Pshh. Yeah, right.

Gender: Female.




Hirotomi Yuki never seemed like anything more than a taller than average, cynical girl with a pitiable lack of a figure- how was she or anyone to know that she was the misbegotten, illegitimate princess of a strange world known as "Tsubasa"? After being transported to Tsubasa through a portal in the girls' locker room, Yuki discovers that being a princess comes with responsibilities- Not only does she have to defeat the mysterious "Tsuki-hime" who seeks to dethrone the royal family, she must choose one of her three winged bodyguards as a husband and king! What is a girl to do?

Children of the Downs:
As I am writing this, I have the first chapter written. However, as I am trying to devote my energy to rewriting Tsubasa-Hime so I can continue updates, it will probably be some time before there are any more chapters. Plus, though this is going to be a fairly short story (twelve or fifteen chapters at most), I don't intend to post it until I have quite a few chapters written.

Story progress:


I'm currently working on the rewrite of chapter eleven and, due to the massive amounts of edits, I should be able to begin new updates soon after the eleventh, and possibly twelfth chapters are finished.

Ren's news:

October 15th, 2010

The rewrite of chapter eleven of TH is in progress, and I will be removing chapters 11-17 of the old draft from the story because chapter eleven has pretty much caught up with the old chapter seventeen.

Thank you for reading!

~Renica the Blue

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