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Update: July 11, 2007. I'd like to thank Bean Langdon for being my beta reader. You're the best, Bean:)

Update: Ok. I'm a girl if you couldn't tell from my prophile, I only use the name of one of my characters because he's my favorite. I think there was some confusion about that...

UPDATE JUNE 14 2007: I've started writing again, which you can see from the new chapter, so hopefully I'll finish the last five or so chapters this year. The rest of the story is still under revision.

UPDATE (again): Hidden Valley is under revision, so if you come across a chapter that's messed up or sounds like it's written by a ten year old, I'm working on it, so please be patient.

UPDATE: I have another account, Mithril-Moony, where I have my poetry, so if you're interested, please check it out.

Interview with Triden:

Do you play any instruments: violin. it's annoying sometimes, but i love bragging about how well I play. I go to a high school specially for the performing and visual arts, so I play alot. I also sing, but have only been taking lessons for a few months.

Languages?: I speak French fluently (and am getting there in Spanish) so i will mispell a LOT of words because I get it confused with English sometimes. (also because my spell check is not reliable. I tried to get it recognize french AND english and am too lazy to go reset it.)

What is your favorite music group? Simon and Garfunkel rules. newest obsession, The Cottars! Now THEY are the coolest band ever. they play celtic music, and some modern with a celtic twist (event though they actually stink now because they broke up recently). Crosby Still Nash and Young is good, but the best by far is teh Cheiftans.

Favorite color? green. blue. no green. no blue. no green! no blue! I can't decide.

Fav. subject? Science. I would love to be a radio astronomer.

what annoys you? I hate it when people tell me to review them in every review they give me. It's ok the first time, but after irks me.

anything else? I'm a nerd. I'm obsessed with a astronomy, physics, and anything brain related. It's just so fascinating! Anyway, my favorite thing is to come to school with a nice 'nerd book' and embarrass all of my non-nerdy friends. hahaha. Oh! And I'm also a figure skater. Best sport in the world, I say! And I'm an anglophile. I'd love to go to England someday.

also know this: I'm extremely conservative (I'm not talking politics. you H-town guys know how old fashioned I am). I don't write/read slash, or anything that would be rated above a PG-13 in romance. I disapprove of dating in middle school, and snogging in middle school. I am an absolute language police in real life, but will not bother you if your story is rated correctly. If it's not, I'll be sure to tell you about it. :)

I'm also obsessed with harry potter. If you're a fundie that thinks it promotes devilworship, I don't want to hear from you. I'll even go so far to say i'm an expert on the subject of Harry Potter. I'm a dedicated potterite, so don't insult Harry or Remus Lupin, my favorite character. or Sirius. or Professor Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore.


Stories I've written: (pen name: Mithril-Moony)

Shattered Dreams:

Memories long forgotten (formerly graceful figures):

so check them out!


fav. sites:

this one. (duh)

the Full Moony (for remus lupin fans. it's the most awesome site ever!)


The Cauldron


I have figured out something brilliant! (if I do say so myself) I have separated magic into three categories:

1. Air magic. This is the lightest form of magic, usually surreal. It does not have a dark side to it at all. This is the type of magic Elves use in the Lord of the Rings.The landscape that fits this one best is high mountains.

2. Human magic. (if you want an element for it, water or fire.) It can be light or dark, so fire and water are appropriate. This is what I also call Middle Magic. It is done by humans and human-like creatures (my Aelves, for example). Landscape: anywhere humans are. which is everywhere.

3. Fey magic, or earth magic. This is the darkest of the three, and my personal favorite. It is done by faeries, imps, and other fey creatures. It's not necessarily evil, it just has a darker, more mysterious side to it. Landscape: deep forests, moors.

My stories will mostly have the last two. Air magic it great for LotR, but I prefer realer, darker magics and the feel they create. I'm still working on creating that feel, so if you don't get what I mean by that, you'll find out later. The magic that's easiest for me to create is air magic, which of course, is my least favorite. Ironic, isn't it?


favorite authors/people i admire: JKR, Carl Sagan, John Muir, JRR Tolkien, Robert Frost, Richard Adams, Steven Hawking, Edgar Allen Poe, Jane Austin, Shakespear.


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