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hmmm...what have I got to say for myself??? oh...yeah..i remember it now... a bit!! heehee!!

I love reading and writing stuff (duh?? obviously, i wouldn't be here if i don't...right???)

well... all i can say is that my experience amounts to the size of a pixie's pinkie. i'm basically here for experience. anyways, i fervently ask--no...i am begging the readers to review my stuff. only another writer can critic another, right?? and the best gift a writer can ever hope to receive is a review.

i'm not asking for praise, or blindingly flashy remarks. all i'm asking is the whole awful/wonderful/dubious/exhilarating--or whatever adjective that you can give it--truth. plainly the truth. if you guys would want to suggest anything, just say it, ok??

hmmm. what else?? oh... by the way... i would like to emphasize on this part: ilove reading. i think i mentioned it above...oohh...yeah, i did. but just emphasis anyways. so...umm.. if your gonna make a review...well--ummm...if it's not too much..umm.."demanding" or "taxing" on your part... make it a long one!! heehee...i know its too much to ask know...just say anything in it... say everything you want to say...for as long as it is the truth... if you wanna say its trashy... then say it. if its not... well it's not. that's that!!

hmmm.. what else... yah... that's it for now...


sorry if my profile ain't properly done and fixed. i'm just in a bit of a hurry. heee!! don't worry!! i'll fix it!!

-->>> Smile. You'll be prettier, or more handsome... whatever it is that you want. Definitely... a whole lot better!!! (^U^)

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