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Hi! I'm roseleeks (or really, K. Roselee S., but that's all of my name you'll get). I'm seventeen, and I'm about to start college. Last year in English Comp. and Creative Writing, I discovered that writing really is fun. I already knew all about the joys of reading and grammar and punctuation (especially semicolons; I'm a bit of a nerd), but I never suspected that the troublesome little thing that made finishing assignments so hard would ever actually bring me pleasure.

I'm a slow writer because I want my work to be perfect and tend to compare it to all of the classic novels I've read. It always falls short, of course, and I don't like rereading it later, but I'm trying to write more so that I can get closer to my standards, though I don't think I could ever reach them. I have a fear of letting people see what I write, so I decided to put it on the Internet, where I can't see them seeing it. Hopefully, I will someday show someone the hard copies.

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