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UPDATE: 10/11/11

The plagiarizer took my story down from Wattpad! Turns out she's actually quite nice :) She made a bookcover that she is letting me use! So I'll be re-uploading the chapters of Nightmare. Sorry about that!

UPDATE: 23/10/11

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh so my story has been plagiarized by someone on Wattpad. So temporarily I've had to take down most of it to inhibit her from further doing so. Yes my language gets verbiose and grand when I'm angry lol.

Well, am I angry? I'm certainly hurt. But also surprised that anyone would think my story good enough to plagiarize!

Anyway, on the update front: Still a little while to go I think. Grad school is...well, they are under the impression that we are their slaves. BUT I can say that Part 2 of NN will involve a little timeskip...! Hope that sounds good :)

Hello all! Welcome to the deep dark depths that is my profile...

Actually, it's not all that dark. Pretty sunny in fact. But I'm guessing you're here to know more about me, instead of reading my rambling...?

Name: A Kiss in the Dreamhouse

Interests: Varied. I'm a physics-y kind of girl (that's the science, not 'physic', lol). I read a lot of manga and watch a lot of anime. Making stuff, playing video games...

More Interests: What, the above wasn't enough? Believe me, you don't want to know anymore...hehehe

Even More Interests: So, you insist on persisting (or persist in insisting?). Well...I love reading! But that must be something all FP users have in common. I just love reading fics on FP, amateur writing can be so impressive! It's a bit addictive...

Other Tit-Bits:

1. I am Indian.

2. I am an engineering student.

3. I always keep tomatoes in the fridge.

4. I'm only happy when it rains (gosh, didn't realize that song sounded so emo!!).

3. I feel that FP is VERY much a two lane road. I love reading other people's stories because they are so varied (and they are also free, lol. I only buy books if they're bargains). And I review back.

5. I am in fact a very serious person, despite the fact that it may not seem that way at first. I am very very serious. About life. Goals. Dreams. Success. Pencil Sharpeners.

Well thanks for dropping by, and consider doing so in the future too! I do love to return reviews, so go for it!


Nightmare with the Neighbour: Lea needs to borrow a shovel from her neighbours, but instead their son Lyle ties her to a chair and blindfolds her...NOT exactly what she was expecting. How will she survive through his constant bullying and harassment?

The Potion for Love: It's the office romance, with a pinch of love potion and a ton of ego, hate, number-crunching finance and old witches. Celia Sherwood, perfect in almost every way (except perhaps personality) can't seem to catch the interest of the man of her dream, her boss. Hence the love potion...

The Cynic and the Psychic: Rosy Phery spends an unhealthy about on time on Fictionpress, so her mother makes her get a summer job. The only thing that piques her interest is a job as a Phone Psychic, merely because it sounds stupid and useless. And what is she to do when someone more cynical than her phones daily for his consultations?

A Box Full of Cookies: My hand at something 'tragic' with a twist...It's quite short, so please take a few minutes to read it, and I will reciprocate :)

The above stories are very old ideas, and I just had to get them out. They are very silly...read at your own peril!

Ok thanks for reading!

Only one more thing to say...and that's GO BEARS!!

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