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I am Adam. I am a dyslexic 16-year old dude from smalltown new jersey who loves to cook, play drums, Metallica, System of a Down, and skateboarding. If i ever kept myself in one piece long enough to get sponsored on the skate scene, i would totally skate for flip. they rock.

Insilvershadows is like my best friend, she rawks hard so visit her profile and give her love, and if you do read my story when i put it up, don't be an ass and be mean. i am dyslexic, and i do take offense when people make me feel like a dumbass because of it. i do accept constructive criticism as i do want to write better and prove that just because i can't read like crap doesn't make me stupid.

Now that that's off my chest, i'd like to thank the academy... haha.

to decribe me inthe words of InSilverShadows...

"He scanned his buttocks. And e-mailed it to me. He's broken all ten toes, both legs, an arm, both shoulders, four metatarsals, two metacarpals, and his nose--THREE times. All of his casts were bright pink. When he broke his legs he went riding downhill in the wheelchair screaming "OMFG THIS KICKS ASS MAN!! WOOOOO!!" He's thrown tinsel, raw eggs, toilet paper, more tinsel, dandelions, hard-boiled eggs, shoes, and handfuls of pollen at one of my friends. He dances in the rain to the SPICE GIRLS. And he finds time to meditate daily. He wants to go vegan but loves beef jerky and hot dogs too much. He's started his own SAVE THE ANTS movement. He stole four hoodies, two shirts, a shoe, and a bottle of hair gel from the same friend he throws tinsel at."

That justabout cover it.

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Pandora's Shoebox

a story by prophetic squeegee

and Isaiah are two ordinary best friends from a tiny beachside town in
tidewater Virginia. Their world turned upside down the day that they
found Marcellus Quimbeyconch, an atlantian (yeah, he's a mermaid, just
a guy one) turned human who needs to find a way to save his underwater
home from aproachingwarand learn to breathe properly without gills.

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