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But you cant see it if you dont ask to be my friend.

Ok this is My little thing...Im just bored so your gonna have to deal with it. Its Like the old one only better.

-Fancy Talkshow host music comes on and a bright spotlight shows us Link has one hand firmly cuffed to his chair-

Link: Where am I?-puts a free hand up to cover eyes-

-Link suddenly has a microphone in front of him-

Link: What the hell is that! -pokes-

-There is a large, very bad static noise-

Audience& Link: AGGGG!

Link:-blinks- Uhm...-leans toward microphone- Hello?

Talkshow Host: WHY HELLO!

Link: -Nearly jumps out of his seat- Where'd you come from? -is puzzled-

TSH: You dont need to know that...BUT I DO! Tell us about yourself Link. What do you do for a Livin'?

Link: I save Hyrule from bad guys like G-

TSH: ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! How 'bout your personal life? Hows the wife and kids?

Link: -Annoyed- Ok (A) I have no personal life (B) Who said i had a Wif-


Audience: YEAH! -nods and cheers-

One random nerd: I dont...-sobs-

TSH: Except that dude.

Link: -eyetwitch- Well its because im usually bus-

TSH: Intriguiging, Now wha-

Link:-severly pissed- STOP CUTTING ME OFF!

TSH& Audience: ...

Link: AGGGGG! -Attacks Talkshowhost with his chair-

TSH: Wai-

-BOOM, SLASH, CLANG- Noooooo...not the toupee!


Author: Were sorry to tell you that this has been deemed too inapropriate for the younger audiences. So we'll just let you watch some happy educational Televis-
-Manical Laughter cuts in-

Author: -ahem- Some Educati-

Link: BUHAHAHAHAAAA!-tackles author-

Author: GET OFF ME YOU! merph...Dont make me...

Link: Dont make you what! -holds up chair in attack-

Author: -slyly- Change the script.

Link: Oh...Im So scared.

Author: Humph...Fine -scribbles madly on a peice of paper and grins- Muhahaha...You messed with the wrong chick.

-Link is suddenly in a short pink frilly dress-

Link:-squeeks- AGGGG! -covers self up- What did you doooooooo!

Author: I changed the script. Funny it fits you perfectly.-grins- And it goes with your eyes...

Link: Shut up...-holds chair defensivly-

Author:-threatingly- You want me to make this worse?

Link: -quivers- No mama.

Author: Thats what i though. Now as the Host was sayi- OH MY GOD! Look at THAT! He's like-

Link: You like that! THATS WHAT I CAN SO DO!

-The blood from-...-

Cat Man: Were sorry to inform you that this, too, has been deeped inapropriate for the younger audiences. Too bad. Its really cool...

-long awkward silence-

Cat man: Uhh...

-Another long awkward silence-

Cat man: Hows the wife and kids?

Link: AGGG!-throws the chair at Cat mans head-

Author: (unfortnatlly Link is stupid enough to forget that he is attatched to it...)

-the chair flops harmlessly to the ground-

Everyone: -Looks at chair-...

Link: Heh...-sweatdrop- (i knew that...)

-Long awkward silence-

Ganon: AHA! -swings in on a vine-

Link: Wtf...

Ganon: I will DEFEAT YOU Link!AHAHAH- X_X -slams into a wall-

Everyone: O.O"

Ok thats it for now guys. Comment on a poem or somthing if you liked it.
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