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I love writing! Writing is very much my life. Several years ago I wrote all the time. I sucked, but I did it anyway. After a couple years, I just gave it up. I never did really have a reason, and to be totally honest with you, I still don't know why I just quit like that, and I don't think I ever will know. However, about 2 and a half years ago, I just started up again!

I started on a new project. I am now working on an anime series. It's called Dimension Zero. To briefly summarize it: A teenage boy and two friends live on an island that is invaded and the emperor is killed and his daughter is kidknapped. A huge storm basically wipes out the island and the survivors are forced to go through a portal to DZ. There, they are given instruction to travel to the other 20 dimensions to complete tons of deadly challenges to get their island back. Emperor Ryo, the leader of the invaders is waiting for the trio at every turn but will they be able to get their island back?

So, I am working on: over 50short stories split up into6 different collections, 4 books, and a couple of fanfictions. I've got a lot on my plate, and I've got to edit like 4 of the stories i've already finished. One of my collections is called The Evil Chronicles. The Horrible Evilis a MAJOR character in my story world. He exists in all worlds. The Evil Chronicles is a collection of short stories that involve THE. There are two novels that follow. 5 is about how five people from five different worlds that are chosen to defeat THE. They travel to many different worlds to defeat THE in those worlds. THE comes back every 100 years. The sequel to that is about a woman who is from one of the short stories in The Evil Chronicles whos conterpart that lives in a different world is supposed to defeat THE for good.
It should be very interesting, epic, so I hope you all enjoy it when it's published!

David and I are currently co-authoring 2 different books.
-The Elevator: Two teens are working in a warehouse when they are eventually trapped in an elevator with a monster on the bottom floor, and a murderer on the top.
-Silverton: A group of friends are lost in an old ghost town.


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