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"Nothing Quite Like Saying (I Love You)"

by: Canis

There she was standing all alone,

With a hope of someday finding

Something worth looking for,

Searching out by the willows,

As days passed her by.

When she saw him lying by the river,

All her hopes came to shore,

The two young lovers

had eyes for no other,

And theirs was a love worth looking for.


Painted skys shades of blue,

Glistening stars of white,

Our dreams carry us

Through the long, long night,

Giving us the will

To it see all through,

There's nothing quite like saying

I love you.

It came all a - sudden,

But not unexpectedly,

The day that the docter said,

You're expecting three.

She smiled as they grew,

He watched as they loved,

And they both knew . . .


It wasn't long before the years passed them by,

The kids grew up and each found their dreams,

But along came a time

That stopped them on the dime,

The day that docter said

He doesn't have a long time left.

It was a time of despair,

But no saddness rivaled that of hers,

There was an unmended tear

That was bleeding out each time

She saw him all alone.

The day came that he left this world,

And I guess she couldn't bare

To see him in that final rest,

It was soon after

That she followed next.


There's nothing quite like saying

I love you.

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