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Author has written 7 stories for Manga, Song, Horror, General, Life, Nature, and Supernatural.

UPDATE: (6/24/2008) Almost been a year since I last updated, SORRY!! Anyways, check out the beginning of my new, awesome story; Newborn Chronicles: Birth. Scroll on down, lil doggy!

Hello everyone! This is Crossed Destiny here! (The author previously known as Mega Kokoro(I know lame, cliched, don't tell me, I know)). I hope you are enjoying the stories here! If you have read mine, then thank you for reading! If not, then maybe you can and review them as well! See you around!

Author Profile

Name: Megan
Nicknames: Mega, Me-chan, Megy-chan, Megami, Veggie Mo (don't ask)
Age: 16
Gender: You get one guess...
I'll just say U.S.A...
Hobbies: Artful and creative stuff, including writing, drawing, singing, dancing, and acting. I also like sports!
Music: I mainly like J-pop and other Japanese themes. Some of my fav. artists are; Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamsaki, Spitz, Suneohair, Rie Kugimiya, Fonogenico, Nana Kitade, Within Temptation, Panic! At The Disco.
Other: I am bisexual, so any flames on gay people and you will get on my bad side. BEWARE!! I am a random person, and it shows in my stories. My favorite types of stories to write are romantic stories with hints of teen angst and adventerous action filled stories with tons of weaponry and butt kicking! I am a very masculine person (heh heh)! I come up with stories at random, so don't expect stories from me to be very planned and thought out.

Current/Complete Stories

Title: Where We Stand
Category: Manga
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Status: Chapter 10
Bio: YAOI/YURI - Genki has had a dreadful life; something that no high schooler would want. The main reason may be because of his homosexuality. But, as if an answer to his prayers, the new, hot, and also homosexual boy, Dame, appears in his school. But what happens when you put a shy, adorable, and insecure boy with a boy he can't stand? Also, Hikari has always thought there would be no other girl for her to share her feelings with. But then she finds Kurayami, a girl she met by accident, but all ready knows that this is the one she wants to be with. Now, the four young teens must learn what it means to be in love and the pros and cons that can come along with it.
Pairings: DamexGenki, KurayamixHikari, GenkixMega (one-sided)

Title: Dawn's Fangs
Category: Horror
Genre(s): Horror/Romance
Status: Prologue + Chapter 1
Bio: YURI - Meet two very different girls, Dawn and Tia; Dawn is a vampire, set out to find a mysterious power known as the Light, which is supposed to help vampires achieve their dream of turning into humans. However, she accidentally meets Tia, a mortal girl who wants to start her life all over again in order to leave behind her rough and painful past. Forming a close bond, the two girls realize their true connections and what these connections lead up to.
Pairings: DawnxTia

Title: Newborn Chronicles
Category: Fiction
Genre(s): Action/Supernatural
Bio: Laura Soule saves a boy after he comes into her life, beaten and bruised. What she wasn't prepared for was how that meeting would lead to a series of dark happenings. Now, in a world that's holding its own demise in the form of mysterious creatures called Shadows, Laura, the young boy named Angxem and a group of mysterious Spirits must stay alert now more than ever in order to keep from becoming Shadows themselves. All the while, Laura can't figure out so many things: what are the Shadows' reasons for taking human lives? Why are Angxem and his friends against these creatures when they should be allies? What other secrets could be hiding in the darkness of the world?
Pairings: Several...
Estimate Number of Chapters: There are three parts, each will hopefully be at least 20 chapters.

Upcoming Stories

Title: As We Grow (Sequel to Where We Stand)
Category: Manga
Genre(s): Romance/Comedy
Bio: The five teens return, but now they're in Tokyo and living it better than ever. However, there are always problems on the horizon. Genki is becoming a famous flutist, while his boyfriend, Dame, is becoming the lead singer and guitarist of his band, Nocturnal Sun. But, when their jobs take away their time together, can they still maintain their relationship? Meanwhile, Hikari becomes friends with Nami, a girl who works with Kurayami and resembles her greatly. Will this new stranger become an obstacle that breaks Hikari and Kurayami's relationship? Finally, Mega goes to a high school in Tokyo and meets new friends, one being a young man who digs deep into her emotions, Kenta Satou. As she grows to know Kenta, she learns not only about how to help him grow, but how to make herself grow.
Pairings: DamexGenki, KurayamixHikari, KentaxMega
Estimate Number of Chapters: I'm thinking around 20 or maybe 30.

Stories I'm Not Sure I Should Add...Would You Be Interested? PM Me if So...

Title: Divinity
Category: Supernatural
Genre(s): Fantasy
Bio: Once, long ago, our world was on the brink of destruction because of the intense amounts of good and bad energy polluting our world. In order to save it, the Gods and Goddesses of the world gathered and used their mighty abilities to balance the energy. However, in the process, many of the Gods and Goddesses died out. However, thousands of years later, the energy of the Gods and Goddesses that died returned in the form of shooting stars. These stars have now passed their energy onto new hosts in order to protect our world from the same unavoidable fate.
Pairings: N/A
Estimate Number of Chapters: Low 20s.

Title: My Kin
Category: Fantasy
Genre(s): Action
Bio: Life is not always what you want it to be; this is a lesson that three wolf brothers, Damien, Nathaniel, and Alexander, soon learn. One day, a meteor comes crashing into the wolves' forest, killing them instantly. However, they are soon reincarnated, but as humans. With all their memories of their lives as wolves, they decide to try and return to their original bodies. But, along the journey, they soon discover not everything is set for them to get what they want.
Pairings: N/A
Estimate Number of Chapters: High 20s, I'm hoping.

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For My Dream reviews
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