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Notice: January 31,2018

Happy New Year guys


I know but I have a very good reason. I'm a true adult now and sadly work.

But gonna try to get some stuff resolved.

So yeah.

Best regards.


As you can see a new story has emerge, Gracefully Rough, this is one version of this story. There are two sort of technically.

The Lieutenant is still going full force sail open wide and moving across the Atlantic just fine. My current goal is that each chapter is a minimum of 4k words. Minimum. So it might take me longer to update but I really wanna focus on quality.

Currently works in Progress:

  • Gracefully Rough
  • The Lieutenant
  • My Days
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  • Lisa 002
  • Writing offline:

  • Lapse in Judgement;
  • One shots of finished stories.
  • Full Bloom
  • Untitled. (I don't have a title for it yet but I have some chapters done.
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    “Writing is like everything else: the more you do it the better you get. Don’t try to perfect as you go along, just get to the end of the damn thing. Accept imperfections. Get it finished and then you can go back. If you try to polish every sentence there’s a chance you’ll never get past the first chapter.”

    —Iain Banks

    “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
    Ernest Hemingway

    It's true I just sit and write, I write and I write. I create and I destroy. I haven't really thought about it and I never really consider myself a writer, but look at me writing for others. That must make me a writer, right? I'm not the greatest or the best but welcome. You have stumble unto my few works of fiction. Full of Lesbian content. From Romance to Drama to Angst to dare I say, suspense. As much as I like to write I like to read as well. So I am just like many of you. I'm always searching for the next hidden jewel. So I appreciate when you like my story or favorite it. I usually find other works by link jumping. I check out other peoples profile and i check their favorites and boom. I find other works that I'm sure are like ten times better than mine. Look at me rambling your most likely here to know a little about me.

    Well I'm 27 I work and travel when ever given the chance. I play soccer and I am addicted to food. I love to run as well.

    If anyone has any questions, comments, concern. Feel free to contact me. I won't bite.

    Seriously I won't, some of you might have notice but I reply back to the majority of the reviews I receive. I appreciate the time you guys take to review.

    Also I know some of you might read on your phones or E-readers. If you would like my files in doc. or any other format let me know. I'll more than gladly share, all I ask is that you ask nicely maybe butter me up with a nice review. (Kidding) and don't steal my work and replicate it somewhere else. I do work hard on my things.

    Also yes I am Dark Delta from Adultfanfiction I have made my move to Fiction press. Well I had my account a long time ago here but I just like posting over there but lately seems the site has just dwindle down and I like this place better.

    If interested I also have written some Fanficiton on the sister site of this place under the pen name of DarkChie. I wrote mostly for Yu Yu Hakusho, but I did favorite a lot of other things for other fandoms.

    Any who various ways to get a hold of me. Private message or on or you can read my journal at (Not updating as much but I check it often and write randomly into it.)

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    New Girl by Chicko reviews
    FEMSLASH - Jackie, sweet and innocent, had no choice but to move from her rural farming town into the big bad suburb of Chicago, Midland. To her dismay she crossed paths with the Queen Bee Bitch of the town, Lindsey. From that, their worlds exploded.
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    Abeyance reviews
    Avery has given up on love. She's accepted a lonely miserable life. That is until Laurie provides a gate to comfort with no strings attached. (F/F, lesbian romance.)
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    Fresh of the boat, Emma is sold into the most coveted spot that every slave prefers to be in. The high officers quarters. Still, staying alive will be a hassle, keeping her dignity will be a challenge, and finding love will be deadly. Rated T/M: Lesbian content. For Mature Readers.
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    Follow the intricate story of falling in love at first sight. Affairs, lies and just life. Lesbian themed. Rated 16 F/F
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    Lisa, the sole reason operations GenEx has any funding. She is the main subject that will revolutionize the world of genetics, one problem. She refuses to cooperate, that is until Alice comes along to persuade her to change her mind. By any means.
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