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Hey readers, if you're still there. I've started brainstorming a few new things that I'm just holding off on until Nano. So... if you're still interested, I should have some things up in a few months.

Life As I Know It - This story, is about a girl by the name of Naomi Rogers who is trying to work her way through high school while taking care of her baby brother on the side. Having a drunken father and a mother who needs anger management, doesn't help her situation much. When along comes a 'Pizza Dude' who will help her through her problems and be there to pick up the pieces when she breaks.

Yours or Mine - This little poem is about a lover who was crossed, and won't take it laying down. Did they kill themselves or their lover?

Some Things Shouldn't Be Left Unsaid - When your friend just up and tells you they don't want to live and they're going to kill themselves. What would you do? This is a semi-fiction/non-fiction story. How many of you can say you'd stay up all night on the phone easing your friend away from suicide? How about racing to their house to hold them in your arms and make sure they're okay? If you said 'I would' you must be one hell of a friend. A tale of losing something precious. Like they say, 'You never really appreciate something until it's gone.'

Story of an Addict - This is a little something I wrote for my Health class (with a bit of help from a partner). It's pretty good... or so my teacher and a few friends say. I hope it's good. Review?

Backwards Initials; A Hallmark, ABC, Lifetime Love Story - Lots of girls want a(n) Hallmark/ABC Family/Lifetime love story. I had stopped hoping to have one a long time ago, then BAM! This story is a true story. 100 percent true, I kid you not. The names of those involved have been changed somewhat, but I Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Name: Rin.

Age: 19

Grade: College Sophomore?

Location: Cyber space

Things About RIN!

Rin Is...

•A Student (Freshmeat, again)
•A reaaall bitch if you piss me off
•A fan of Declan Galbraith
•A KH lover
•A Comic Lover
•Will get her LICENSE SOON buwahaha
•A pokemon lover (the old kind, Ru/Sap are cool too)

Here's a Few tidbits!


We the Kings, Declan Galbraith, Simple Plan, The Calling, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Bowling for Soup, Don Williams, Hazel and Vine, Barlow Girl, Paramore, Aaron Neville, Taylor Swift, The Archies, Simon and Milo, Disney, SR-71, Reba McEntire, Carole King, Celine Dion, A Fine Frenzy, Dashboard Confessionals, Boys like Girls, The Killers, Jordan Hill, Plain White T's, Jet, Hellogoodbye, Sum 41, The Click Five, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, All Time Low, Play Radio Play


Teenage Dirtbag, Howl's Moving Castle, Heart and Souls, To Kill A Mockingbird, If Only, Whatever It Takes, Quest for Camelot, The Notebook, PS I Love You, Horton Hears a Who, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, Where The Heart Is, Peter Pan, 5 Centimerters Per Second, Seven Pounce, Any Detective Conan Movie, Almost anything Disney


The Hallow Kingdom Trilogy, Norma Ever After, HP series, Draw Me A Picture, Tithe, Crooked, Child X, The Outsiders, tons of manga, The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning


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