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I wrote this in response to recent changes at FF.Net that have led me to no longer wish to be a part of that website, or it's affiliates. Sorry guys. If you care to read my stuff at all, I can be found on LiveJournal, under quean_of_words.

Thanks. Sorry it had to end this way.

~ Quean of Swords ~

Dear Powers That Be of FanFiction.Net and any Readers That Might Be There,

You know, I've been with this site since it was still a baby. (I am user #4923. Most users have much larger numbers by their names.) I was in the Animorphs fandom back when it had the most fanfics of any on the whole site. But I'm sick and tired of all the changes to the rules, and the general crappiness of the service, lack of compatibility... (There are tags beyond b, i, and p guys! Get with the times! Most people use em and strong, now. Some of us even close our paragraph tags.) I even put up with a "pay" featureā€¦ Gods know why.

I realize that the webmasters, etc. are putting themselves at risk by hosting works related to copyrighted materials, and that they've had trouble in the past when owners of said copyrights have become upset about fan works. But this is really just ridiculous. So, I'm following the rest of my writer friends away from here. I have removed my stories, (including two that had "problematic" lyrical content, which I did, by the way cite and state clearly that it was not mine, not used with permission, etc.) and I will also be removing my material from FictionPress.com.

I have noticed in the past that when bios came to have information such as this posted in them, the account was summarily deleted. So, fine. No big deal. I wish I'd had the solidarity to leave
before now.

An Unsatisfied Customer

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