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/L O O - L E E - A N N\


-Nuja, Eena, Lillise, &Lulian-

Hellooo=) I'm Lulian. I haven't been writing lately. Scratch that, I haven't been writing.

I love: music, food, reading, laughing, crying, flowers, my camera, summer, cute things, swimming, playing piano, mon petit ami, my friends, my family, and I adore the colour PINK.

I dislike: winter, ginger, strong perfume, making mistakes, growling stomachs, being ignored, being yelled at, having to be patient, being disappointed, viruses, rain, snow, bugs, getting calls and it's "the wrong number", practising piano, and I absolutely despise drawing. Coffee too. EW!

I like: sleeping, a nice summer breeze, French (though I'm not very good), Canada (scratch that, I LOVE Canada!), the internet, and all sorts of other things. :)

About ME (myself, and I): I'm lazy, unmotivated, forgetful, forgetable, and impatient. I'm a horrible person, but for some strange reason, people seem to love me anyways. I don't know why, but I love them back either way. I may love piano, but I dislike practicing. I just like to play whatever and whenever I can. I love summer (I'm a summer baby) and I hate winter. I think snow would be awesome, but only if it were warm. I am easily amused and distracted, so many stories hold lots of interest to me. However, I lose interest if the grammer is incorrect, if the story doesn't make sense, or if the language seems too simple or repetitive. Easily amused, easily bored! I love romance, humour, mystery/suspense, and horror. Horror may scare me, but that's what makes it so much fun! :)

I can't write. For the life of me, but I sure as heck can try! And sometimes, things actually turn out okay! :) Yippee! Though, that's not very often. Which makes me even happier when it does!

I'm a simple girl and I wouldn't change a single thing about me because I love the way I am.

About .: We are a group of four. We love each other, and even if we don't talk as much anymore, I'll still love them for who they are and I'll forever be there to lend a listening ear if they ever need one. I would give advice too, but I'm not very good at that. But we've all been busy out of our minds lately, so we haven't been writing that much either. Whoops. I LOVE THEM REGARDLESS.

-- by the way, the story we wrote together is pretty much pointless, but fun and creative. Don't care about you, but WE had fun! S2

Time for a Change is written by me and Lillise! I should REALLY post our other story... But it's a nice story. We started it because we were impatient about how slowly the others were writing in the other story. Haha, yes. We're just like that. I forgot about it for so long, so it was practically stopped. Pity, really. It's an awesome story. I have no idea where it's going, where we want it to go, or how long it'll go. Whatever, it's fun. It's not bad. I just have grammar mistakes in there. Too many for me to correct, so I just left it. Haha, please excuse that.

I also have another story up which I titled as Sacrificed Imperfections. It has the exact same beginning as Time for a Change, because it is my OWN variation on the story that Lillise and I were writing. (well, are writing. But we've stopped) I hope you enjoy this one as well, but it's kind of really like Time for a Change because I write a lot in that one too. It's just that I've given up on waiting for Lillise to write her parts for our story and decided to start my own. I haven't finished it yet (far from!) but I hope to get back to writing it soon. Again, this story doesn't have much of a plot either. It's something I like adding to in my free (or when I'm supposed to be doing my homework) time. Enjoy. :

I always say that I need to start writing again. And I do need to! I just never seem to be able to write. I have the goal to, and then I forget it. Oh my dear memory. It's always been so horrible.

If you read through all of that, then you must be REALLY bored. =P

Thank you darlings, for visiting:)

Much love~!


Quote of the Moment:

"If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."

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