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Hi, my name is Brandon B. and I'm 18 years old. I'm black and I live in North Carolina, USA. I'm attending UNCP for now, but I plan on transferring later.

I'm a huge Dragon Ball and Tenchi Muyo fanactic. I mostly write DBGT sequel fanfics but I am considering writing my own version of a Tenchi universe.

Aside from writing fanfic's, I love to draw. I have many original idea's that I would love to turn into actual comics one day. I'm not going to describe any because the net' is full of thieves. My dream is to become a world-wide known comic writer/artist/animator/etc.

My favorite DBZ/GT couples are Trunks/Pan and Gohan/Videl. For other couples, I dont really care, but I really hate the Goten/Bra, Trunks/Marron, and all those Pan/Vegeta and Pan/17 fics that keep poping up. For Tenchi Muyo, my favorite couple is Tenchi/Kiyone.

Maybe one day Akira Toryiama (or his co-workers) will come across my genius and beg me to write/draw the next Dragon Ball series. I can only pray... Until then, I am working on my own characters and storylines. If I'm lucky I will be working for Marvel, DC or Image comics within the next three years.