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All About ME:

pssht. Ain't happening.


Working on REDBIRD.

Redbird is more troublesome; I have to bridge the gap between revised and older versions before I can wrap it up. I mean, I haven't even hinted at the main romantic interest, i've just been adding in extras 'cause it's hella fun. And then I've been fooling around with the 'world' I've created, so even more filler.

Godmother has enough for about five chapters and I like how the pacing worked out. After that I have to decide an ending.

Sector Zero: not quite sure how well it will bully me into writing it down. the ending is also up in the air.

Lady of Shades: the oldest currently posted. I have chapters in reserve, but my plotline inspiration is kinda dusty. Whether or not it keeps going depends on REVIEWS. Otherwise i'll just shove it back in the drawer, and Alexia hasn't been to a Royal Ball yet.

LofS is now ON HIATUS. Torquil's kinda pissed that he isn't in the story, and two (2) reviewers protested, so it could come back.

FYI: all these stories are based on my imagination and research on Wikipedia. I have never been to Virginia, Wales, or Regency England, so i will make mistakes. if you notice them, let me know!

I write for the sole purpose of avoiding my actual work, and also because my characters get kinda noisy when I don't let them out to play.


hmmmm. I have a ton of stories hangin' out in my WORK folder, including my original work (250+ pages). I'm tempted to toss it up here, maybe when I have a bit more spare time to waste.


Added SECTOR ZERO, put LADY OF SHADES on hiatus until people notice or I get my inspiration back. S-0 is inspired by Curtis the Malamute (who's a good boy? yeah, you!) and the intense heat of the past week. Nothing like escapism.


too beautiful to be inside. too bad laptops aren't as ecstatic as i am to go sunbathing. I'm also fooling around with my Opus, the 250+ behemoth. Hah, if i did stick it up here, I'd update every day and still not get through it before autumn.


hmm, if you didn't know there was a year gap between the above post, i would actually look legit. Hahahah. FINALLY got chapter 12 of Redbird up, even though it was written in March. About F'n time! Geez, this is really screwing up my chapter count.


Wooow, chapter thirteen is being a real pain in the a. I really want to get going on the rest, but it's just taking forever. I have pruned out more rogue plot twists in this chapter than in all the others (well, if i was keeping count maybe not). All other stories are ON HIATUS officially, since I actually have some momentum going on Redbird.


The chapter that never ends...all right, all right, I give in. Chapter 13, you can be in THREE parts. Now end already, dammit!

Devil's Due by Moonsword22 reviews
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Meet Ally Tremont, a 15-yr-old orphan from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Touchy & tough, Ally is trying to adjust to her newest foster home, highschool, and 'brothers' without getting in trouble. Again. Except she isn't quite human... T for cussin' & fightin'
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