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Hey there, everybody!! I is Padfoot! I likes ses...Harry Potter, Anime/Manga...AND CHOCOLATE!! WHEEE!




My friend...Triden's got a Fruits Basket RPG site, and NEEDS MEMBERS. Soo...being an Admin, I shall advertise for it.


Now, that you have SEEN this advertisement, and maybe you would like to actually JOIN this site, please...


Or just go to the link on my homepage...






I just made an Original Fiction. My first one.

It's not really a fiction yet, seein' as I only wrote the prologue.

That now makes 1 original fiction, and 2 poems.

Go Read and Review Them!

My stories almost are NEVER EVER long.

I don't have the patience to write long things.

That's why I like poems. ^^

Well, I gotses lotses homework today so Ima go.




When your stomach is empty, why does it hurt? I mean, it's just that there's nothing there...Big Deal. Your lungs are SUPPOSED to not have anything in them, and they don't hurt. What's really hurting? Is it the walls of your stomach? Your whole stomach? OR is it that all it really is is a IMAGINARY hurt? It's all in your head. Even though it's your stomach...I saw this thing on Nova about amputated limbs. It sed something about how even if your arm is gone, the nerves can still hurt. The mind hasn't registered yet that there's nothing there.

Like this guy, he lostrighthand, but where his hand was supposed to be, it felt like he needed to clench his fist. He obviously didn't have one to clench, so what the doctors did was put both his hands in a box with two sections, and it was opened from the top. His right hand, the one that wasn't really a hand, was in one section, and his left HAND in the other one. The section with his left hand had a mirror in it, so the doctor told him to clench his left fist, and look at the mirror. From some dormant part of his head, it saw that the right hand AND the left hand were being clenched, and the guy's pain went away. It was cool. Except for the part about himt not having a hand. So if that's true, how do we know if we have a stomach or not? Maybe some people are just walkin' around with empty insides, and don't know it. Then it would be really easy to float in the pool...Hollow and just floating along. But then it would be hard to swim. Because you can't get it under the water with out pushing it down. Like those big noodle things.

Ok, I'm done.

Sorry, I'm acting really wierd today. I woke up at like 5:30 this morning...



( technically it's the 28th...Considering It's like one oclock. *shrugs* whatever. )


GAAH!! I'm so mad at myself. I haven't updated in...FOREVER!! I'd promised myself I'd update like every other day if i could!! T_T;; *cry, cry*

But, alas, Auntie Rita has driven me from the computer for a few days.

Curse her. She's slowed my writing process.

Almost like the traffic on forty-five.

HAH. Corny Joke.

People in H-Town would get that.


I'm still to blame for the updating. I should've written at least when I was out of town.




The point is, I've noticed the updating is down, and I'm working on it. And It'll be up and working again.


I hope.




I might as well just curl up and die.

I'm killing you all (and myself) with this stalling.

But I have a confession to make. *entireaudience sits up in their chairs*

I don'tplan.

audience rolls eyes*

I just go with the flow and hope toget far with that.

I realisedit when Igot a strikingly accurate review from someone.

So, the reason I take so long writing, planing, editing, etc., is because I get stuck when the 'flow' is gone.


I'm forcing myself, to be a good writer and plan, to some extent.

That's been going fine and dandy.

Corny I know.

BUT, then I get busy too.

so there comes another problem hurtling my way.

ANiways, I'm rambling, so I'm not gonna lie and say that I'll have 10 updates up by tomorrow.

Please forgive me and hopefully please keep reading and reviewing.

I always return the favor, as most of you have seen already.

Sorry again!




Hey, I know I haven't updated yet, but this is a work in progress. 'YOU CANT RUSH ART! If that's what you wanna call it. I was just givin' you guys the heads up (CORNY!) that I didn't forget about yall. I whole heartedly envy those of you who updates within the week. I'd say you're insane, but I'm in no position to talk. ^^''

SO ANYWAY, that's the story. Nothin' much else to say.




Since Survival hasbeen left out of the frame, and let out to dry, for quite some time, SO I am going to posta revised versionto Survival's Prologueandpost thefirst chapter. I hope to finish and update a lot sooner, so not to worry, I'll *try* not to leave you hangning for too long. Just to let you know, I've been usingthe reviews you guys post to fix it, so I thank you all for the constructive critism, and hope for more!


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